The Simple Way Family Meal Time Can Make Diabetics Feel Less Alone

Photo: WeHeartIt
Eating Together

People with diabetes often feel isolated at dinner time, as they eat one thing and the rest of the family "enjoys" their dinner — dinner which consist of foods laden with way too many carbohydrates for them. To make matters worse, many families have these separate meals because they believe diabetic friendly meals are difficult to prepare, too expensive, or will lack the taste factor. Family and friends can help lessen the isolation in these moments by picking up recipes that everyone can enjoy at mealtime — recipes that mind their diabetic needs and your taste buds, pockets, and time. 

While this may seem easier said than done. I invite you to visit our YouTube Channel where you can watch videos of Tova preparing diabetic friendly meals that are delicious, easy to prepare, and reasonable cost.

Remember, that isolation and feeling different, is as painful for many people as is the diabetes. There's a recipe that Tova prepares, beef with pearl onions in a red wine reduction, that's simply amazing! It had our family drooling before it was even completed. If your cooking skills are limited, no worries! She provides step-by-step instruction on all of the videos. 

Please share this free information to help enhance the lives of people with diabetes, as well as their families.