The Ups And Downs Of Dating A Diabetic (Psst, Not The Sugars)

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The Simple Way To Own Your Diabetes And Get Your Life Back

Many people have a partner with a chronic illness. For these spouses life can begin to feel uncomfortable, as they walk on eggshells — falling short on the perfect comforting words to speak and are completely oblivious as to how to support them.

The thing is, people with diabetes face unique challenges as their partners are not sure what their new diet consists of. Seems simple enough to just ask, right? However, when you check in to make sure certain foods are OK, you begin to look more like the "Diabetes Police" (and, not the good cop). Contrary, when you feel their partner is eating or doing something inappropriate and say nothing, you're then perceived as uncaring.

Nonetheless, It's a tough situation to find yourself in. And, neither of these are the solution to helping your partner navigate this disease or making your relationship any easier. So know that the best way to support your partner is to educate yourself on the subject — understand that they can still live a normal life and so can you.

In fact, I invite you to listen to a brief interview I had on blog talk radio in which I address some of the questions you may have. You may find my new book interesting, as it follows the lives of 12 people and shows the psychological characteristics that led to creating successful balanced lives. Giving great insight on how diabetes has affected their relationships and influenced their career choices. 

During the interview, I tried to relay the information that my patients have provided me with, pertaining to how relationships most certainly become impacted — how living with a difficult disease can prove easier or much more challenging, depending on the people (and attitude) of those who they choose to surround themselves with. So keep that in mind when guiding your loved one or seeking guidance for this disease.

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