The Real Way Your Weight Affects How Good You Are In Bed

Those extra pounds are putting you at risk for erectile dysfunction. (Yikes!)

Sex Issues: How Diabetes Causes Erectile Dysfunction WeHeartIt

Our waistlines are growing larger with every passing year. It's a problem in our society today: We have insatiable appetites when it comes to fast food and yet our appetite for a good workout isn't quite there.

This is an even bigger issue for men. Guys who can't resist high-fat and high-sugar foods, consequently have elevated blood sugar levels. And because of this, many men are walking around in a pre-diabetic state (or undiagnosed diabetes) and are completely unaware of it. Men who develop it are at risk for a myriad of medical issues, one of which being erectile dysfunction.


In fact, sexual issues like erectile dysfunction are the single most common symptoms that chase men into the doctor's office. Elevated blood sugar levels in the body causes the same kinds of nerve and blood vessel damage in the penis that it does in other parts of the body. Erectile dysfunction occurs in men with diabetes and heart disease at a rate nine times greater, than in men with neither condition.

This is why doctors advise men suffering from this condition get a screening, not only for heart disease, but also for diabetes. Unfortunately, medications to treat diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction.


Generally, for those with diabetes, there are a range of medications and drugs that can help to address the erectile dysfunction itself. Obviously, there's the little blue pill known as Viagra, as well as two other drugs in the same class called Levitra and Cialis.

There's a fourth kind of drug that works differently than the ones above. It works on the brain and the nervous system in order to develop an erection. While it's not yet available in the United States, people in Europe and Latin America have access to it. The Federal Food and Drug Administration is overseeing clinical trials in conjunction with certain pharmaceutical companies to assess its suitability for the American market.

If men need a reason to pay close attention to their diabetes, they should stop and think about how the medical condition can affect sexual function. Not to mention, how it can interfere with the relationships they have with their significant others, sexually and otherwise. Better yet, they should try to prevent it first — especially since  diabetes is among one of the most preventable medical conditions around.

Guys are better served by working to control their blood sugar through a little bit of exercise and tweaking their dietary habits. Men who are willing to make the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary say that incidences of erectile dysfunction seem to reduce immensely. Shouldn't that be good motivation?


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