How To Show Him You're Interested

Simple ways to show a guy you are absolutely interested without throwing yourself at him.

 How To show Him You're Interested

Based on emails I have received from women, It seems like a lot of women already know a guy they want to date, but they don’t know how to get things moving. OR they are waiting for the guy to get things moving.

These dating tips for women are designed to help get the ball rolling.

This guy might be a friend, someone you work with, or just some guy you see at the gas station buying coffee every morning when you’re there to buy your morning muffin.


It doesn’t matter really who this guy is or where you met him.

The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is let him know you are interested.

If this is someone who don’t actually know, like that hot guy at the gas station, you should start by initiating a conversation.

Make a joke about your morning coffee date or ask him if he’s stalking you. Make sure to make eye contact, smile, and laugh when you say things like that. Otherwise, things might get awkward.

If this is a guy you already know, you can still start a conversation, but make it a social one. If it is a guy from work, try to talk to him about something other than work.


Once you have initiated a conversation with the guy you are interested in, flirt.

Don’t just chat along like you would with your mom or brother. Lean towards him, smile, laugh, touch his arm.

Make it clear; you are a woman and you are interested.

Another great idea is to do something thoughtful for him. Often times women want men to do grand (or small) gestures demonstrating their interest. Women wan to feel wanted.

Well, so do men!

You don’t have to do something grand or expensive. For example, if this is a guy from work and he is constantly asking to borrow a pen from other people, buy him a nice pen or a box of pens (to be funny).

Give him something to let him know you pay attention to things he says. For example, maybe he is a huge fan of molasses cookies; bake him a batch of cookies.


If you don’t know him well enough to give him a small token gift (like the guy in the gas station), say something to let him know you pay attention.

If he mentions following a specific sports team, ask him about the game they just won or about a recent trade the team just made.

Last, but certainly not least, ask him out. It doesn’t need to be a five start restaurant and live production. You can ask him to meet you for coffee.


December is a great time for dating because there are so many cool things to do.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes. My goal in offering dating tips for women is to help you no longer need dating tips.

Devon Brown is a dating and relationship coach who provides advice for women looking for good partners.