Who Knew? THIS Is Perfect Jewelry To Blend Fashion AND Faith

From antique jewelry to Versace Medusa bracelets, the ancient Vesta faith makes a fashion statement!


While I'm not what you'd call a "girly girl"—I prefer Sci-fi movies to chick flicks and grey pencil skirts to flowered dresses—I do love jewelry. And like most things I love, I've managed to find a way to integrate it into the way I honor Vesta.

Of course, wearing jewelry to symbolize one's faith is nothing new. Modern Christians wear crosses or crucifixes in the same way that the ancient pagans before them wore pendants, rings, and bracelets that depicted the faces of their gods, goddesses and heroes.


And with the resurgence of ancient spiritual traditions like Vesta, we are starting to see this happen again. I for one am happy as a clam about it.

In antiquity, Vesta was conceived as the Roman goddess of the home and hearth, and was symbolized by a flame—the flame of life as it were. Many women who follow New Vesta today wear either a "V" or flame-shaped pendant or charm, while men often wear a Roman-styled men's seal ring with a "V" or an intaglio of the goddess. That's my husband’s choice, in fact.

Yet my favorite way to wear Vesta-honoring jewelry is a little different. I like to have a bit more fun with it.  For that reason, I often wear either authentic or reproduction Roman jewelry of the type that was worn by Vesta's faithful when her flame burned most brightly in the ancient world.


From beautiful glass beads to glittering gold earrings, wearing Roman-styled jewelry doesn't just make a unique fashion statement, it also symbolizes your faith and worldview.

Men and women who worshipped Vesta often wore amulets—charms meant to ward off evil or bad luck—that depicted the face of Medusa. As the most glamorous of the Gorgons, she was the obvious fashion choice for those who wanted to look sharp and stay safe at the same time. 

And guess what? She's back. Today, Medusa bracelets and pendants are surprisingly popular and are growing in popularity all the time. As the symbol of Versace, many wear them strictly for high-fashion; indeed, the iconic designer was mesmerized by Greco-Roman mythology.

Yet, Medusa's face has started to pop up on all kinds of jewelry, much of it crafted by hobby jewellers. I guess it's true that everything old eventually becomes new again.


Not only have Medusa and other pagan and myth-themed jewelry become mainstream, but it is being worn by both men and women. I have a feminine Medusa bracelet, while my husband—who is a hard sell when it comes to jewelry—has a masculine one that even he is comfortable wearing. 

Our 12-year-old son recently asked me to order him one, too. To him, it isn't really about Vesta and it definitely isn't about fashion. He just thinks Medusa is pretty cool (and probably wants to see whether he can turn his friends to stone). 

So, if you're looking for a "fashionable" way to honor Vesta and to have some fun while you do it, Google "Medusa bracelets or pendants." They're widely available on Ebay and other online marketplaces.

Depending on quality, they range in price from a few dollars (hand-made items or costume jewelry) to hundreds or thousands of dollars (Versace), so there's definitely a choice for any budget. They also come in about a gazillion different styles, so you're sure to find out that catches your eye. Just remember to not look right at it!


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