10 Healthy Tips For Your Sexiest Beach Body EVER

girl at beach

Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is not only important for your sexy body, but for your soul, as well.

Here are ten simple steps that will get you the lean, sleek and energetic, sexy body you crave:

1. Create an exercise plan.
If you're not seeing results from your exercise routine, it's time to kick it up a notch. How about throwing in a few intervals, completing high intensity bursts of movement, trying a new type of cardio routine or changing your running route? The key to exercise results is consistency along with a dose of "muscle confusion." When muscles don't know what to expect, they react. This leads to a sleek, toned look and a faster metabolism.

2. Visit your local farmer.
Now is the time to search out where your local farmers are so you can enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables without any of the chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that are found on many supermarket varieties of produce. Don't know where they are? Check out Local Harvest.

3. Stay hydrated.
When the weather gets nicer, many of us take our fitness routines outside, which means there's an even greater need to stay hydrated. Fresh, filtered and pure water is your best choice.

4. Buy new workout clothes.
Sometimes, we need the extra motivation that looking the part can give us. That may mean a new pair of sneakers, a few new pieces of workout clothes, music or anything else that makes you feel ready to hit the gym, so treat your sexy self!

5. Keep a food journal.
Healthy eating begins with the awareness of what you're currently doing so you can see what may need to change. One of the simplest ways to discover some of your eating behaviors is by keeping a simple food journal.

Keep track of the times you eat, your choices, portions and in addition, note your hunger level and what mood, if any, triggered you to eat. Keep it simple by using a number system (1 being not hungry to 10 being famished) and symbols.

6. Take care of yourself.
You're probably taking care of everyone else and if there's any time left, then you take care of yourself. Unfortunately, by that time, you may not have the time, energy or motivation left for your own self-care. Even finding ten minutes to drink a cup of tea, read a magazine, call a friend or take a walk to clear your head may just do the trick.

7. Do something new, fun and challenging.
Life is more fun when we're learning, growing and challenging ourselves … in a good way. It keeps us engaged in life, and the idea of novelty triggers the release of dopamine (reward hormones) which are released during doing new activities. It can be as simple as trying a new vegetable or … well, I'll leave that up to you.

8. Plan something.
A trip, stay-cation, a night out, a night in or an excursion—just the idea of planning something can be fun, exciting and rewarding. It creates the opportunity to creatively express yourself while giving you something exciting to look forward to, which can also be satisfying and fulfilling.

9. Grill outside.
Food just seems to taste better on the grill! Get the grill cleaned up and ready for your favorite BBQ foods, and experiment with new things to try, including fresh herbs, spices and vegetables you can start to grow in your own garden. Plus, less pots and pans to clean!

10. Get more sleep.
When we don't get adequate, restful, restorative sleep, we're chipping away at our energy, health and waistline. Quality sleep is vital in any health plan, so take the time now to create a sleep routine as well as an environment that will help to get you sleeping like a baby.

Implementing just a few of these strategies now will have you enjoying your summer and all it brings. See you at the beach!

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