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9 Habits Of Highly Successful Love Attractors

Habits of Highly Successful Love Attractors

Over the years I have worked with thousands of singles, and I see a common thread among those who are highly successful in turning on their "love switch" and attracting their true love within 30-90. Learn the nine habits that create the X-FACTOR for best results in turning on your Love Switch (and keeping it on). Even with the best looking face, body and clothes, you will fail at love if you don't take care of the inside. Highly successful love attractors know that 99 percent of their success in love is internal.

1. Commitment. Everyone wants to push the easy button and many law of attraction teachers give the illusion that manifesting your desires is extremely easy. Don’t get me wrong, it CAN be effortless but the foundation must be there first. Those who are willing to commit to building the groundwork for a healthy relationship, instead of jumping around looking for a cheap, quick fix, find amazing life partners. A part of that commitment is listening to repatterning audios every day to get their mind in alignment with their desire until loving thoughts become natural to them. They also commit to personal development programs fully by doing all the worksheets and listening to the lectures more than once to make sure they didn’t miss anything. If you can’t commit to yourself, how are you going to attract someone to commit to you?

2. Responsibility. When singles take responsibility for their choices and their personal growth they are unstoppable. They don’t put their destiny on a magical cure outside of them to fix their love problem. There are many great paths to love and most blame the teacher or the technique rather than looking within to see what they are doing to contribute to the failure of the process. Successful true love attractors always ask themselves what they can do differently to shift their current situation. If you don’t take responsibility now, you will always be in a relationship when it is someone else’s fault for your broken heart or unfulfilled desires.

3. Availability. Avoiding meaningless, sexual flings or keeping around a “friend with benefits” until the ideal person arrives is sending mixed signals to the subconscious mind. Successful true love attractors keep themselves open to receiving the most amazing partnership. I also see people block love by being overwhelmed with work. You need to create the space in your life first before he or she can come in to fill it.

4. Love their work/career. I cannot tell you how many times my clients changed careers or jobs and then within weeks attracted their true partner. Being miserable in your work affects your energy and you may seem more desperate for love because the rest of your life is in disarray. Those who love their work, actively feeling they are doing their sacred duty, emit a highly-attractive energy. Your ideal partner wouldn’t be attracted to someone who hates his/her life, unless you want to attract someone who hates their life too.

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5. Forward Facing. Enough already of the past drama. Highly-successful true love attractors have cleaned up the past and face forward open to new experiences. They do not hold grudges from ex-lovers or their family members. They also have forgiven themselves for past mistakes and are compassionate toward themselves as they move through the journey of their life.

6. Clarity. You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want. Successful true love attractors are crystal clear on how they should be treated and respected in relationships. They don’t get distracted by a pretty face or charismatic smile for temporary fun. They also know what they want long-term with a partner instead of focusing on just getting engaged.

7. Joyful Anticipation. Successful love attractors hold a light state of being, expecting the best to come to them. Their inner knowing outweighs the fleeting doubts that cross their mind. They know they cannot see the future and let go of the control to force the outcome. They let go of anxiety of feeling this emergency to have someone arrive today and trust that everything is in divine order.

8. Openness. You can’t fill a cup that is already full. Someone who is successful at life and love always keeps an open mind and never believes they already know it all. You never stop growing. People who shut off their mind in frustration only hold themselves back for deeper understandings that could open up new doors to their dream relationship. A successful true love attractor is always inviting new ideas in to make their life richer and looks at each stage of the journey as deeper preparation for the greatest love of their life.

9. Embrace their True Lovable Self. Even though they continue to grow and learn they don’t do it because they feel that they are broken or need to be fixed. They see their beautiful light and inner perfection and want to draw that part of them out into their daily experience. They have a deep compassion for themselves and never judge themselves harshly for mistakes. Highly-successful love attractors remember who they really are, that they are lovable and step into their magnificence daily.

Never give up on your dream of having that amazing relationship even if it seems like you have done it all. There may be just one more step that breaks the cycle of heartache and draws you to your love destiny. By continually asking yourself what else you can do to move forward, you will invite the answer in ways you cannot even imagine. Following these nine habits will give you the X-FACTOR and you will be a success story too.