9 Habits of Highly Successful Love Attractors

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Learn what gives you the X-FACTOR in attracting true love.

Over the years I have worked with thousands of singles, and I see a common thread among those who are highly successful in turning on their "love switch" and attracting their true love within 30-90. Learn the nine habits that create the X-FACTOR for best results in turning on your Love Switch (and keeping it on). Even with the best looking face, body and clothes, you will fail at love if you don't take care of the inside. Highly successful love attractors know that 99 percent of their success in love is internal.

1. Commitment. Everyone wants to push the easy button and many law of attraction teachers give the illusion that manifesting your desires is extremely easy. Don’t get me wrong, it CAN be effortless but the foundation must be there first. Those who are willing to commit to building the groundwork for a healthy relationship, instead of jumping around looking for a cheap, quick fix, find amazing life partners. A part of that commitment is listening to repatterning audios every day to get their mind in alignment with their desire until loving thoughts become natural to them. They also commit to personal development programs fully by doing all the worksheets and listening to the lectures more than once to make sure they didn’t miss anything. If you can’t commit to yourself, how are you going to attract someone to commit to you?

2. Responsibility. When singles take responsibility for their choices and their personal growth they are unstoppable. They don’t put their destiny on a magical cure outside of them to fix their love problem. There are many great paths to love and most blame the teacher or the technique rather than looking within to see what they are doing to contribute to the failure of the process. Successful true love attractors always ask themselves what they can do differently to shift their current situation. If you don’t take responsibility now, you will always be in a relationship when it is someone else’s fault for your broken heart or unfulfilled desires.

3. Availability. Avoiding meaningless, sexual flings or keeping around a “friend with benefits” until the ideal person arrives is sending mixed signals to the subconscious mind. Successful true love attractors keep themselves open to receiving the most amazing partnership. I also see people block love by being overwhelmed with work. You need to create the space in your life first before he or she can come in to fill it.

4. Love their work/career. I cannot tell you how many times my clients changed careers or jobs and then within weeks attracted their true partner. Being miserable in your work affects your energy and you may seem more desperate for love because the rest of your life is in disarray. Those who love their work, actively feeling they are doing their sacred duty, emit a highly-attractive energy. Your ideal partner wouldn’t be attracted to someone who hates his/her life, unless you want to attract someone who hates their life too.

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