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Does Having A Vasectomy Decrease A Man's Sexual Pheromones?

Does Having A Vasectomy Decrease A Man's Sexual Pheromones

After spending some time researching the subject of a man with a vasectomy and pheromone attraction, I have found very little information on it. Women find a true biological attraction to a man by the man's pheromone release. There are thousands of documented studies on a women's keen sense of smell unconsciously being attracted to a man because he is a good biological match for her. That particular scent is her biological clue that he is going to give her a healthy offspring. Can this scent also be tied into his fertility? 

Can having a vasectomy change a man's subtle scent that a women can pick up on, making her not as attracted to him on a deep physical sense because he cannot produce children?

For many women that already have children with their husbands and have formed the bond with their spouse, this may not matter and in fact it may ease her mind of getting pregnant and her wanting to have sex more frequently. What about men that are divorced or never married and looking to meet new women, after their vasectomy. What type of women would they attract? Could this have any affect on an initial meeting with a women who they may want to have sex with, who is in her biological prime?

If this does have an impact then a woman with a keen sense of smell, that is wanting to have children, may not be attracted to this man. A woman that is past her years of childbirth and going into menopause, her true biological smell attraction to a man may be different from women who can still bear children.

One study has show that men who produce more estrogen caused mainly by weight gain are also less likely to attract a women through pheromones. One great solution for all men is to mask their natural male scent with cologne. A wonderful smelling cologne can have an affect on a women's attraction to him in a very unconscious way.

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