How To Roll Your Guys Eyes Back In His Eye Sockets, Every Time.

A departure from the usual, this is Racy, Naughty, and very, very X-Rated!

How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.

Okay, so now that I have your attention ladies, I need to inform you that this article may get a bit, shall we say “racy?” If you’re good with that please, continue reading. If not, well, okay then!

In this article I’ll be discussing passion, I’ll be discussing control; I’ll be discussing confidence, erotica, guile, and I’ll be discussing a way to surprise your man and knock his socks off in a way that he will never forget.


So what will that accomplish?

He will dream of you when you’re not there.

He will text you in the middle of the day telling you how much he misses you.

He will think about you, only, and the very idea of being with another woman will seem foreign to him and will not enter into his brain stem.

What? What magic is this you speak of? Who do I have to kill? What do I have to do? Do I have to go to a seminar? Buy a book? Participate in a 2-Day Workshop?
No. You do not. Well you can if you’d like, or you could simply read on, learn, perhaps blush a bit or get a bit moist between the legs, but I’ll be giving it all away to you, so pay attention!


I’ll be painting a scenario for you here (can you actually “paint” a scenario?) with some graphic details that if you pay close attention to, can, and will change your relationship for the better. I have to say that there will be a rare few of you who will smile knowingly at every word because you know their validity, but you will get no less entertainment value and may care to share this with many female friends.

This can take place anywhere that you and your lover are alone, public, private, in nature, no matter. For our purposes I’ll be writing about it as if it were in the privacy of your home. Make sure the kids are out if you have any, and be sure that any animals are safely tucked away. Additional and unwelcome licking in this situation could become a problem!

Here we go:
You’re just arriving home together and the front door slams behind you. You take your right hand and push your man up against a wall, and you smile, wickedly. You gently place your index finger of your left hand on his lips and elicit “shhhhh, say nothing, do nothing, think nothing, I’ll be doing everything and your only job here is to react. Do you agree?” He will! And you wink as you drop slowly to your knees.
When a woman is on her knees in front of a man, she is in a submissive position. He feels powerful, dominant, confident, in control, and does not even realize that it is YOU who have ALL the Power and Control in this situation.

Rule number one for this is “do NOT break eye contact if at all possible.” Keep your eyes directly glued to his as this is the key difference between making love, or just having sex. Making love is always better, every time.


As you gaze lovingly into his eyes begin to caress his thighs starting outside, and gently going inside. Caress with long, slow strokes up and down staying away from his crotch area, for now. As your hands caress closer and closer to his crotch, smile as you tease him by pulling your hands away just a mere inch from where he desperately wants you to go. Also remember to caress down the backs of the legs and tickle the backs of his knees. This is an erogenous zone and he’ll either love it, or not. Remember to keep eye contact at all times, except for the occasional, momentary look at his crotch while licking your chops, smiling, and keeping the smile as you gaze back up at him. Remember to TALK DIRTY to him when your mouth is not otherwise engaged. Tell him what you’re preparing to do. This will drive him insane!

Slowly begin to remove his shirt from his pants, unless of course it’s already out! Gently kiss his belly with long, slow swirls of your tongue as you continue to caress his legs, thighs, and now moving to his butt. Straighten up a bit and grab his ass with both hands while looking into his eyes and thrust his torso into your chest, once. Smile, wink, and then bring his zipper down with your teeth.

Yes, with your teeth! If that’s a problem you can cheat a bit with a few fingers, but it’s way more erotic just using your delicious mouth to accomplish this task.
If at any point he speaks, remind him that for now, it is only you who are allowed to speak and that you are in complete control, in fact HE is YOUR Bitch!
Now that you’ve professionally un-zippered him (assuming he has a zipper) remove his belt with your hands, slowly, painfully slowly, smiling wickedly the entire time. Remember the eye contact!!! Open his pants now and allow them to drop to the floor, keeping his underwear intact. If your guy goes “commando” you’re on your own here, improvise!

Stare directly at his (hopefully erect) cock intently and utter “What do we have here? Do you have a present for me? I didn’t know it was my birthday? Maybe I’ll see what’s inside?”
At this point continue caressing his butt and gently kiss his cock through the underwear. Little baby kisses will drive him crazy as you begin to press just a bit harder with your lips with each passing moment.


This is where it gets interesting, and very, very dirty! Stop what you are doing and look up at him and ask “does that feel good baby? Do you want more? You have to ask me, no, you have to BEG me for more and if you do it convincingly I may oblige!” Wait for his response and continue to kiss and caress while allowing your mouth to speak progressively filthier. Say things like “I know you can’t wait to feel your cock pulsing deep in my throat and I know you can’t wait to explode your juices while looking into my eyes!” Then rub the top of your hair back and forth across his cock in a figure eight motion and then go back to kissing his cock through his undies.

Stand up suddenly and pin him to the wall with both hands. Say “you are my Bitch!” and kiss him passionately on his mouth for about 10 seconds. Smile, wink, and drop slowly to your knees yet again and say “are you ready for more?”

Now you’re ready to slowly remove his undies, again, remember, eye contact! Gently, slowly move his undies down his legs moving your eyes back and forth between his cock, and his eyes. With your hands, slowly remove his lower clothing from his body so he doesn’t fall over while you buckle his knees with your talented mouth and hands.

Yes, mouth AND hands.


Look up at and him and smile again and then take his delicious cock and begin to kiss up and down the shaft. Begin to make believe that his cock is a delicious, chocolate ice-cream pop and treat it exactly that way, licking and sucking in circles as you would the pop. After several minutes of teasing him bring your mouth to his head and swallow him as deep as you can, only once. Pull slightly away and ask “was that good? Do you want more? Ask for it bitch!” Allow him to respond and begin to caress his balls with one hand by “feathering your fingers” across them gently. What I mean is the following; with your palm face up begin to curl in your fingers from the pinky to the thumb, over and over again. Do this gently but with enough force that he can feel it. You can change techniques and caress or massage, but remember to be gentle as we’re a bit sensitive down there!

Note: If your guy hasn’t yet shaved his balls clean, suggest that he does (at some point, but not now!) as he will be much more sensitive to your touch.

Now with your other hand “cradle” his cock in one hand while licking and sucking with your lips in circular motions just behind the head on the opposing side. Move from side to side to see which side excites him more. When you’ve located his “hot spot” (we all have one, believe me!) work on it for very short periods of time. You’ll know when you’ve located it (if you don’t already know) because his body language will give it away! Now I say short periods because if you spend too much time there he’ll be exploding all over your face!

After you’ve done this for a while, grasp his cock firmly with your other hand after spitting a copious amount of saliva on it beforehand. Begin to give him “head” while twisting your mouth in one direction, and moving your hand in the other direction. This should nearly buckle his knees. Do not continue this for too long though as most men will explode shortly after feeling the wet, warmth of your amazing mouth.
Stop. Look up at him. Say “Baby, I’m gonna bring you home now. Are you ready to explode deep inside my mouth? Do you want that baby? I know you do!” Allow him to respond and then spit on both hands to make sure they are saliva covered. I will explain why this is critical.


Many women I have spoken to, dated, coached, or befriended have complained that “my guy is too big to deep throat.” I can honestly tell you that that is not a problem if you simply follow my next directions.

Picture a metal rod. And picture your two hands grasping that metal rod, right hand below, and left hand above (like a leftie would grasp a baseball bat) just an inch or two from the top of the rod. Now think of your hands on the rod twisting at the same time in opposite directions, back and forth, over and over again about 90-120 degrees. Now picture your mouth over the top of that rod, also twisting back and forth at the same time.
Well, the metal rod is your guys cock, and when you utilize your hands and mouth in this manner you are basically creating a HUGE AREA OF STIMULATION for him that feels just like deep-throating. As you continue to grasp and twist with your hands, remember to release some pressure , basically more pressure as you twist “in” and a bit less as you twist “outwards.” Your left hand should be just below his cocks head while your mouth works him to frenzied joyfulness.

Pay attention to his responses as you suck his cock, feel the pulses and if you know him well, pull away if you think he’s ready to cum. This will make him insane if your timing is right as you can continue to tease him in this way for quite a while.
Remember that when his cock is in your mouth that he’s a chocolate pop. Licking, sucking, caressing, and even an occasional GENTLE bite will make him yearn for more.


At this point you’re on your own! Have fun with this, remember to keep eye contact as much as possible (it’s easy to get lost in the moment, so don’t!) and be damn sure that as he’s cumming, your eyes are drinking him in, every single inch!

And yes, I will respond to questions! I always do, even though this article is a bit different from what I usually write about!