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Boost Intimacy With These 8 Super Sexy Massage Tips


The Huffington Post shared that touch has the power to heal. Sensual touch exists outside of sex and can be more satisfying than a simple massage.

Sensual touch can stimulate the release of powerful hormones and neurotransmitters that increase pleasure and sensation. These chemical surges can increase the connection between two humans in an amazing way.

Here are 8 ways to boost the power of your sensual touch and take intimacy to the next level:

1. Make sure your sensual touch is intentional, steady, and meaningful.
Focus on stimulating the skin, rather than trying to massage muscles. Delve into sensual and non-sexual touch to stimulate deeper levels of connection and sensation.

2. Touch your lover like you mean it.
Brief encounters won't do. Make time to enjoy meaningful touch with your romantic partner. Notice how you sink into deeper and deeper levels of sensual connection as you continue.

3. Focus on long, repeating strokes that feel never ending.
Create a circular or figure eight pathway across your lover's body—use long strokes that start at the ankles and continue to the head. Maintain constant touch to stimulate trust.

4. Use a natural lotion or oil to increase the sensual glide.
Choose an oil or lotion with a lovely fragrance that enhances the mood. Just the right amount will allow for a smooth glide across your lover's skin without being too slippery.

5. Read your partner's body language to adjust your pressure.
Notice breath rate, relaxation, and movement. If your partner is tense, use a lighter touch. If your partner twitches, increase pressure. Find the pressure that deeply relaxes and soothes.

6. After touching with your hands, try using your arms, legs, and feet.
Explore the changes in sensation as you find new ways to exert pressure against your partner. Try new ways to touch, and repeat what works and move away from what does not.

7. Follow the long strokes with compression.
Press against your lover—lay your body down, supporting yourself enough for your partner to breathe easily. Notice how your bodies melt into one another.

8. Bring each sensual touching session to a CLEAR conclusion.
Even if you intend to follow up with a sexual encounter, honor your partner by signaling the end of sensual touch. Gently pull away, stroking hair, hands or feet to signal the end of the session. Notice your own body's response, and be prepared to address any emotions that may arise.

Sensual touch can carry you to higher levels of passion and deeper feelings of connection that may delight you in ways that you never imagined possible.

Darleen Claire is a Relationship Coach with a background in clinical mental health counseling, education, and brain-based strategies for effective living.