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Marietta GA 30066 - United States


MA, MS, Non-Profit, PhD

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Author, Parenting Coach, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Speaker/Presenter, Teacher

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"Tell us again that nothing is impossible ... we listen while you tell us" - This quote from Carl Sandburg has gotten me through many of life's challenges and provides hope and inspiration for the healing and restoration of the children and families I serve through Orchard Human Services, Inc. - Dr. Darleen Claire


About Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski

My work with healing and restoration of children and youth in distress has spanned over 2 decades and included specializations in Special Education as well as Clinical Mental Health and Ministerial Counseling. My passion is uncovering the deep layers of developmental dysfunction that give rise to mental health, behavioral, learning, and family challenges. Working through the layers of developmental tasks that are appropriate to the age and status of each child, we promote acquisition of skills, knowledge, and competencies that allow for effective living, learning, and loving.


At Orchard Human Services, Inc., we strive to Uplift Lives by Counseling, Educating & Caring!


We focus on a wide spectrum of mental health and behavioral challenges of childhood and adolescence ... always with a focus on the practical developmental and skills based capacities that can lead to growth and healing.


A primary specialization is Attachment Development, which is the broad human capacity that allows children to love and be loved, trust and be trustworthy, care and be cared for, and connect to others in healthy relationship. Examples of Attachment Disorders include RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) and DSED (Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder).


With a strong background in Special Education Advocacy and Services (Exceptional Student Ed), our counseling services wrap around learning, cognition, and educational needs of the child and may include advocacy and support for Gifted & Talented, IEP, and Section 504 Planning.


Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, PhD Candidate is also a Qualified Professional Parent Educator [QPPE], able to provide training and supportive services to parents of children in some distress. Parent services often include parent-child coaching to help promote healthy parenting behaviors that boost child learning, growth, and development.

Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski Success Stories

We Changed How We Parent - And Our Child's Behavior Improved!

Couples dealing with parenting issues

I am writing this to other parents who have children with behavior problems. more

We loved our son. But when he started acting out in school as well as home we knew we were in over our heads. He was angry, skipped school, and barely spoke to us. Sometimes he just marched out of the house and did not come back until after dinner, and he was only in middle school. It was scary.

I heard about Darleen Claire from one of the teachers at my son's school. Nothing else was working so I thought I'd give her a try.

She listened carefully and did not say much that first meeting. At the end she asked if we were ready to get busy. I remember wondering what on earth that meant. We both said yes anyway because we had no other options.

What happened was shocking to me. She never changed anything about our son. She just explained to us what great parenting looked like and how it worked. One by one she helped us get clear on our parenting goals. We even made a parenting mission statement. I had never heard of such a thing.

Little by little we each made changes in the way we looked at parenting. We changed the way we talked to our son and to each other. We made respect and love the center of our family. I know it sounds crazy but that is how we helped our son work out his behavior problems.

In just a few months we had a totally different family experience. We sat down for dinner with our son at least 5 nights a week. Our child actually talked to us about his day. That had never happened before. We set up goals for our child's school and home life, and he seemed to love it! We even met with our son's teachers and got them involved in our son's learning goals. His teachers would email us when he needed extra help or when he did a great job. Darleen taught us how to get our son's teachers and principal on the same team so we were all working together.

All the parts of my life as a parent fell into place. All because Darleen taught us what it takes to be great parents. We changed and became better as family leaders which was part of our family mission statement. Our son naturally started to follow. Darleen helped us learn that great leaders make it easy for others to follow. It is true.

So what do I want others to know about working with Darleen Claire Wodzenski? You have to be ready to get to work. She will help you see things from a new perspective and give you the tools to do things better. Our son is a new person and Darleen never even worked with him directly. She helped us learn to be great parents, great leaders, and have a clear family mission. That is all it took! But we still had to do the work - and that is why she had asked us that first meeting if we were ready to get busy. So ask yourself if YOU are ready to get busy.

- MB Riverdale GA

Got My Life Back After Domestic Violence

Women starting over

I want to tell my story to every woman who is living in an abusive relationship. I got out and made a better life for myself and my child. That's right - I am a single parent. And we are doing just fine.more

I was not aware that I was in trouble. I met Darleen Claire at a professional event. She was nice but was always focused on her effective living thing. It did not work for me because I was in an abusive relationship and all I could do was make it through the day.

Then I got sick. My husband was not taking care of me. I ran into Darleen when I was on my way to get a medical test. She asked if someone was taking me. When I said no, she offered to take me. That test was painful and horrible that day and I remember being so glad that Darleen was there because I did not want to be alone. When the pain was bad she just held me. That was a scary day.

Darleen kept checking on me. Then the day came when I let it leak out - I was in an abusive relationship. She asked me how my child was handling the abuse. I thought my child was okay because my husband never touched our child - he only took it out on me. 

I remember that Darleen sat down with me over a cup of tea and explained to me about how abuse in the household affects all children - even if the child is not a direct victim of abuse. It took me a few weeks to get ready to make a change. When the day came, Darleen told me I could do it. And I did. I got out. With my child. And life has never been the same.

Darleen worked with me for months. I had to work on issues from my abusive marriage. I had to redefine myself as a winner. I had to learn why I had settled for a man who treated me bad. I discovered things about myself I never thought were possible.

Darleen kept on assuring me that I was going to be fine. My child was going to be fine. Darleen helped me work on one little thing at a time. Little by little the things I did began to build up. Life kept getting better a little at a time. Now I can hardly remember the sad woman I was before.

My child is a young adult now and in college. After healing my heart I found a romantic interest. I remember talking it over with Darleen before agreeing to date this man. She helped me see that even though I was over 40 and starting over, I was still desirable and important. I got up the courage, opened my heart, and now I am with a man who loves me, cooks for me and rubs my feet when I come home from a tough day.

When Darleen asked me to write a testimonial for Your Tango I was not sure what to say. After thining about it, this is what I want to say:

Darleen Claire is there when you are ready to make a change in your life. She helped me get away from an abusive relationship. She helped me make a better life and a safe home for my child. She even helped me work through financial aid and college applications for my child. So if you have something in your life that you really need to change - for the better - then you have somewhere to turn.

I know Darleen is sometimes busy. If you can't get an appointment with her directly then go to one of her seminars. Read her articles. She always leaves clues about ways to make things better or go for help. You will walk away a changed person. And the biggest thing I learned from Darleen is that everyone deserves a second chance at a great life. I got mine!

- LS is now 50+ and still going strong! She lives in the greater Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Got Custody of my Baby, Found the Woman of My Dreams, In College

Men starting over

Don't work with Darleen unless you are ready to get busy and want to focus on the "end game" to improve your life.more

My life looks nothing like it did about a year ago when I first met Darleen.  I remember meeting her at a restaurant late at night because I was in a crisis. I didn't know where to turn and a friend told me about her. Because a child was involved she agreed to meet me that same night. Darleen has a real heart for children. 

I remember that I wasn't with my baby's mother because she was emotionally unstable and did not take care of our baby. One day she got violent and left us. So I was working and raising my baby on my own. Then one day she came back and took the baby from the baby sitter while I was at work.

I told Darleen the story and she just looked at me that night and asked "Are you ready to get busy?".

Darleen gave me a list of things to do, helped me find a great custody attorney, helped me work on my feelings, and got me focused on what she called the "end game". My entire focus was on creating a stable life so I could get custody of my baby and I thought that was all I wanted.

What I got was much more. As I started working on my feelings I got more focused on my future. I realized that I had not been living up to my own potential. Now I have a job with a future and health insurance. I even got a promotion and a raise since I started working there. I am in college. I even met the woman of my dreams. Just when I thought the relationship would fall apart, Darleen helped me improve my communication skills. I was able to hold my new relationship together and the woman of my dreams even helped me fight to get custody of my baby.

This sounds hard to believe. But it all happened in less than a year. My baby is walking and talking and is very happy and loves my new girlfriend. So do I. We plan on getting married when she finishes college next year. Yes, my girlfriend is graduating from college and she already has a job! She is emotionally stable and does a great job with my baby. I am doing well in college, all A's and B's, and will be able to move up in my job when I get a few semesters of college under my belt.

Somehow Darleen knew how to put all those pieces together. 

My life today is nothing like it was a year ago. It is so much better. And I know that none of this could have happened without being focused on the "end game". I am really glad that I told Darleen that I was ready to "get busy" in that restaurant last year when I met her.

RR from Atlanta GA

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