Aging & Geriatric Issues

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25 years +


Palo Alto CA 94306 - United States



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Health Coach, Personal Development Coach, Practitioner, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer, Weight Loss Coach

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Our failures, obstacles and issues are where the opportunities exist. Be curious.

About Daniel Rieders

I am an Integrative and Environmental Cardiologist and Certified in Functional Medicine, Mind Body Eating Coach  and Energy Medicine: As a cardiologist and heart rhythm expert who has performed more than 10,000 heart procedures and surgeries across three decades, I have found pills and procedures often failed patients.   I have learned "there exists success beyond what is commonly accepted as not possible." Yes, most people can prevent premature death and aging, and have the energy and freedom to pursue their heart's desire. 

My Journey: About a decade ago,  I underwent a complete medically supervised detox and achieved incredible health results in less than 2 weeks.  I had trouble getting my traditional medical mind around the unbelievable results.  Although I was apparently healthy before, I felt really great  Was it a miracle?  I became curious.

I realized I knew little about nutrition, weight loss, stress management, relationships, and health.  Being a stakeholder, heart disease, troubled relationships and genetic retinal deterioration (to name a few) run in my family.  Would you believe 90-99% of weight-loss diets fail?  And 60% of those on weight loss diets weigh more afterwards than before.  Yet, despite the science, cardiologists continue to prescribe weight loss diets as obesity is a major cause of heart disease. I became certified as an eating psychology coach (mind body eating coach).  I studied indigenous cultures and became certified in shamanism, energy medicine.  This field of study transformed my life and abilities as a physician to move my patients forward.  I read many books and completed many courses, including nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, relationships and communication, and permaculture.  I have completed the curriculum to become certified in functional medicine.  Functional medicine is science-based system to successfully treat conditions that traditionally have been felt to be untreatable. We look at the totality of an individual's life and biologic processes, to craft a recovery pathway.

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