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5 Tips To Embrace Warm Weather Well-Being

Let's face it, we wouldn't battle the winter blues if we didn't crave the healing properties of the warmer months. Are you making the most of this beautiful weather? In only a few minutes each day, you can drastically improve your level of well-being starting with these tips.

1. Breathe in the fresh air.

We all know that breathing is somewhat critical to our everyday existence. But, we don't always take the time to really engage in conscious, healthy breathing. This involves inhaling fresh air from the outdoors, slowly and deeply. By taking this one small step, you will dramatically reduce the effects of stress on your system.

In addition to the health benefits, many spiritual texts state that we communicate with the divine through our breath. So if you find yourself looking for answers or struggling for solutions, you'll also want to step outside and breathe deeply to take in the information you seek. Breathe in through your nose, fill your abdomen with air, hold for a few seconds, push it all out through your mouth and repeat. You'll find it is much more difficult to feel upset when you are breathing in this manner.

2. Ground yourself.

Grounding yourself enables you to become more focused and present in your life. It provides you with a stable foundation. The earth directly provides us with healing energy, but we rarely take the time to freely accept it because we are always wearing shoes. Allow yourself to absorb these loving vibrations by walking outside barefoot, especially in the dirt and grass. Feel the strength and stability of the ground beneath you. Know you are always naturally and divinely supported.

3. Bask in the sunshine.

Many of us directly associate summer with sun. Take some time (small amounts at once, of course, to protect your skin) and absorb the healing rays of the sun. Not only will you feel invigorated and uplifted, but you'll boost your level of vitamin D.

4. Swim in the ocean.

The ocean is a powerful and healing body. The salt in the water alone is extremely beneficial, as salt absorbs negative energy. Do you remember how you felt after a long day at the beach? Did you notice how much easier it was for you to relax and how much deeper you slept afterwards?

As you swim, imagine your worries being pulled away from you as each wave ebbs. Feel the unconditional love washing over you as each wave flows. If you're not able to take a trip at this time, simply visualize yourself taking a dip in the soothing water.

5. Stop and smell the roses.

Pun completely intended. Yes, of course, we want to take the time to slow down and relax during the summer months. When else will we allow it, if not during the dog days of summer? But, there are also benefits to literally smelling the roses.

Each flower has different healing properties. For example, pink roses increase your confidence and enable you to see the beauty within yourself. Clover flowers help with perseverance in your current situation and attract financial security. Sunflowers elevate your mood and increase the joy in your life. Fill your garden, your porch and your home with flowers. Don't worry about the meaning of each, just choose whichever flowers attract your attention. Your higher self always knows what you need.

No matter what you choose to do with your summer months, the more time you spend outdoors, the happier you will become. From family meals in the yard to conference calls on the back porch to taking powerful walks around the neighborhood. There is always a way to stay productive and enjoy the warm weather.

As always, if you find yourself struggling to relax and enjoy these fun-filled months, I invite you to contact me for a free private clarity session to start shifting your energy today.