13 Steps To Perfect Passion

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How to live the most passionate, fulfilling love life possible.

To be touched is one thing. To feel the passion of a lover's touch is something else. It means surrendering to the relationship, hungering for love, igniting an inner flame. To feel passion is to experience no pain. But passion is only possible when lovers connect to their own wells of love within. Only then can they connect and spark together. Here are 10 ways you can experience deep, meaningful passion in your own life.  Are You Dancing On The Beach Of Life?

1. Take care of your past, suppressed darkness and the wounds of abandoned love. I have worked with many women and some men who tell me that they don't feel a connection to their sexuality or that it feels dead or shut down. I have also been in this place and realized my sexuality was still connected with a past experience or past lover. Self-worth and your connection to self-love play a big part in your sexuality. When you have unresolved issues or suppressed emotions, it's hard to feel the connection to your open heart. It creates a barrier or lack of desire to be intimate with someone. You might have left your sexuality with a past relationship.

2. Fill your own void and strengthen your own worth. Believe in yourself and the love that is yours. Open your eyes and your heart to the freedom of spirit and see yourself as you look into your lover's eyes. Feel your love when you are open to your heart. Listen to the language of the divine, heavenly passion in the breath of each other. Take the time to lift your vibration each day to live this beloved experience with your partner. Is It A Secret Or Your Privacy?

3. Make love all day. This can mean holding, touching, complimenting, and/or looking at each other with the eyes of love, and it doesn't have to start in the bedroom. Allow your soul to speak as you move, keeping your heart open. Duty will never be comfortable and faking it will always be felt. Create the safe place within each other’s hearts.

4. Spark the relationship with romance. Share time, massages and re-express your commitment to one another and you will vibrate with passion you ignite. The heart cannot inspire sexual energy if the heart is in fear or self-doubt. Hold the space for each other to move into safe love. Invite desire with honesty, respect, tenderness, caring, sensitivity and kindness. "You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!"

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