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Everyone is searching for or dreaming of their perfect partner....it all starts with you!
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About Colleen Hoffman Smith

I am an author, facilitator, emotional intuitive and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program which has created an emotional support system that transformed every aspect of my life. I have been sharing this powerful life practice for over 15 years empowering others to experience a life of unconditional love and peace that comes with emotional freedom.

I am a professional speaker and personal development trainer who inspires others to make a mindful shift from their heads to their hearts. My simple yet life-changing program, The Inner Workout, has practical visualization exercises that enable us to free ourselves from unhealthy, negative feelings and thoughts.

Through personal and professional experiences, I have seen firsthand the challenges we encounter when fear and negativity from our past cloud our perceptions and close our hearts. In these low moments, many look for a quick fix, which just leads to a whirlwind of distraction, hype and busyness. Once life delivers another knock, or the peace, love and abundance does not arrive, the resulting dissolution just creates more negativity.

When living with negative thought relating to unworthiness, life will reflect the lies of past programming such as, I am not worthy of love or abundance. Quick fixes can only put a band aid on our childhood wounds. Feelings of self-doubt, fear, anger, guilt, hurt, disappointment and grief rise up when we least expect it. What do we do with these emotions? How can we react or respond without closing our heart?

I will teach you to manage your fears, anger, resentment and self-doubt that blocks you from being open and loving and connecting to the Goddess or Nobleman in you. The Inner Workout exercise will support you daily in shifting negative, unhealthy perceptions and releasing the lies of self-doubt and unworthiness so that you can attract healthy, loving and passionate relationships and manifest a joyous, abundant life.

It is time to take responsibility for your emotional pain so that no one has to take care of you. If you are tired of attracting unavailable relationships and the patterns that you know are unhealthy start now on a journey of self-discovery and change your own life.

My books, cds, workshops and articles will provide a lifeline to those navigating through the darkness of life-challenges and help them shift into truth, joy and peace. It will serve as a guide to becoming emotionally fit and free thus attracting a more balanced, authentic, loving and abundant life.

My clients say , “Colleen I wish I could keep you in my back pocket!", which inspired me to write my first book, Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ . Experiencing the dance of beloved love with my husband Bruce, moved me to share my relationship expertise in my next book, Pocket Guide to your He♥rt™ for Relationships.

My third book, The Inner Workout™ The Bridge to Emotional Fitness, is my most comprehensive work yet – a complete guide supporting one’s journey to inner peace and self-worth. In addition to my books, audio programs, monthly e-newsletter and daily blog, I facilitate seminars and workshops worldwide including certifying Inner Workout™ Coaches who can provide one-on-one support.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my beloved husband Bruce and blended family of our beautiful daughters Lindsay, Lauren and Jessica. Visit my website for more information.

Colleen Hoffman Smith Success Stories

The Inner Workout

I find it awe inspiring that Colleen has put into one small book what usually takes a lifetime to learn. Reading it has helped to reconfirm that love is all, and the whole  reason we are alive. It’s what we are here to learn and to become. Thanks Colleen for putting into words what I knew in my heart.
Darlene Montgomery, author, Dream Yourself Awake and Conscious Women – Conscious Livesmore

“The Inner Workout” has been a powerful and highly effective experience for me and my patients. The bridgework and clearing of my personal history released the  childhood fears and beliefs that I was carrying in my adult body. A renewed sense of lightness, clarity, and love appeared in my life, and the stress in my body was gone. The client case studies and Colleen’s own personal life journey stories makes this one of the best ‘owners manual for our life’ you could every buy.”

Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC,CSCS

“The key to world peace and loving relationships can only come when we do our emotional homework. The Inner Workout” is a fantastic resource that allows you to free yourself from limiting beliefs and stories and soar into new levels of freedom, love and success. This book gives you the key to a hidden treasure – your true, authentic and powerful Self. I highly recommend it!”
Carolyn Ellis, Author and creator Of The Thrive Principles

Pocket Guide to Your Heart

Colleen’s book Pocket Guide to Your Heart is an important tool that each of us can use to cleanse ourselves emotionally. I believe to achieve a happier and fuller life, we need to find the inner peace that is an important part of our personal preventative health care.  Pocket Guide to Your Heart Program creates a support system for people to healthily take care of fear, anger, resentment and disappointment.
Harvey Diamond co-author of #1 New York
Times bestseller Fit for Lifemore

Pocket Guide to Your Heart is a powerful and results-oriented guide that will assist you in creating an extraordinary life.
Robin Sharma, author of the national bestsellers
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Saint The Surfer And The CEO

The beauty of Colleen’s book Pocket Guide to Your Heart is empowerment of the reader to be able to take control of their own pain and damage in a relatively easy  way.
Patrick Ellis, author of Breakthrough and Dying In Love

As I went through my medical training, I came to realize that medicine is very good at diagnosing disease and providing treatment, however, what medicine seemed to lack was the capacity to actually heal, especially the emotional wounds that disease and illness can bring. Pocket Guide to Your Heart has been an excellent complimentary practice to the medical care I received, and has effectively bridged the gap between medical treatment and spiritual and emotional healing.
Dr. Sarah Doig Pendergrast, MD

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