5 Steps To Get Rid Of Bad Karma So You Can Live Your Present With A Clean Slate

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Everyone is always wondering how to get rid of bad karma. I hear it all the time.

I was born and raised in India, where I grew up hearing the word karma as part of everyday conversation, just like it is used today in the western world.

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What is karma?

In Sanskrit, karma, means the fruits of your action. In Buddhism, the word is Kamma. 

Buddha propounded it as the laws of causality which states that every cause leads to an effect and the effect is the cause of one more effect. 

In physics, it is labeled as "cause and effect." Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

In Christianity, the proverb “as you sow, so you reap” hints at karma. 

When you sow a seed, a plant that grows from the seed bears many fruits and each fruit has one or more seeds. Some plants bear fruit for a very long time. 

Karma is a domino effect. 

When the earth shakes sightly and one snowflake gets dislodged, it begins to roll downhill, attracts other loose snowflakes. Over time this results in an avalanche.

One negative thought, word, or action is an energy particle that attracts other like energy particles, and soon you are directly in the energy field of negative karma. 

The Hindus practice Sadhana (intentional practice), to negate the effects of negative karma. My teacher, Amma Sri Karunamayi says “Through your Sadhana, you create a positive force field that could minimize your negative karma of a mountain into a pebble or a dust particle.” 

Have you heard “thoughts become things”? 

Negative thoughts give rise to negative emotions, words, and actions. When you say or do anything in a hurry without being mindful, that's called bad action, and it results in bad karma.

In ethnic cultures, mothers pray to take on the agony of their children, and children pray to take on the pain of their parents. Paramahamsa Yogananda mentioned that out of compassion gurus taking on the karma of their disciples.

Some believe the negative karma of a loved one can become your karma.

In my nearly twenty years of practice, I have observed time and time again how empaths take on the karma of family members. Some call it boundary issues, others call it the peril of wounded healers.

Karmic debts and karmic freedom.

It is wise to remember that karma can be both good and bad. The ultimate aim of a yogi or a spiritual aspirant is to redeem themselves of both good and bad karma. Since good karma is the fruit of good actions, and because every action leads to another, good karma could lead to bad karma.

For example, you might see people with lots of friends who still feel lonely. You might notice people with tons of money struggling with legal suits or hardships in areas of health, relationships, peace of mind, etc.

So if you truly want to be free of all karma, here are a few strategies.

Getting rid of karma is not easy but is possible for the sincere student. 

Ask a Hindu: "How to get rid of bad karma?"

A great starting point is to consider your karma as bad breath. You have to brush your teeth, scrape your tongue and rinse your mouth to enjoy fresh breath, don't you? Even if you have not eaten in a while or are fasting, you might have bad breath. This comes from your gums, food pipe, and your stomach.

Karma is like that. It arises from past lives and previous generations. If your parents and ancestors before them did something unwholesome, you might inherit the karma of your ancestors. 

If in your past life you entertained unwholesome thoughts, words or actions, karma catches up with you.

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1. Daily spiritual cleanse on how to get rid of bad karma.

So, how do you cleanse yourself of bad karma? 

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Each night before bed focus on this spiritual cleanse when you begin your journey of freeing yourself from all karmic debts, whether they are good, bad, or ugly.

The spiritual cleansing ritual is a prayer. It is most effective if you write it out each night while speaking it out loud as well, at least for forty days. After forty days, you can say it out aloud to keep up the momentum. The following two prayers are from the Vedic scriptures.


"With my body, speech, mind, senses, intellect, self-effort or natural tendencies, through these actions I perform, I dedicate everything to the Universe and ask the fruits of all actions be dissolved into the cosmos."


"With a prayerful and humble heart, I ask my creator to forgive me for any action undertaken by me with my hands, feet, speech, ears, eyes, through my body and my mind. Also, I ask for forgiveness for doing required deeds incorrectly and not doing what is necessary."

2. The daily practice of forgiveness.

The prayer to say whenever in doubt "forgive me for I know not what I do." This prayer can be used anytime you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed or any negative emotion surging within.

If you feel someone around you is acting out and negatively impacting you or anyone in your space say it as often as you must in your mind — "Forgive them for they know what they do."

3. Learning how to focus on balance.

The universe always strives for balance. No positive or negative energy can exist on its own. Every positive force has an equal and opposite negative component to balance it.

When someone engaged in negativity gets you to focus on positivity, this brings a balance. So in the end, bad karma isn't bad.

Your prayer has to help you first before the energy can be transmitted to the environment and the other.

The negative impact of someone's bad karma is negated through your positive action. So, if you ask me "is bad karma bad?" I would say "No."

4. Focus on peace and contentment.

Your good fortune is a blessing from your thoughts, words, and actions of past lives and your ancestors.

Give gratitude for each good experience. Share your blessings with those you cross paths with on a daily basis.

This pays off your karmic debts. When you live in gratitude, you redeem yourself of bad karma and the burden of good karma too.

You learn non-attachment, experience personal freedom, and live a lighter life.

Generosity begins in the heart. You learn to treat others the way you want to be treated. This golden rule is the foundation of Christianity.

5. Here's how to get rid of bad karma using introspection.

Bad times are a great opportunity to reflect and take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions. 

Through honest self-reflection, you figure out how you attracted negative karma. You made choices that resulted in affliction.

Your losses through bad karma are the price you pay for the lessons you need to learn. Once you are wiser, you make different choices that reduce the pain from the bad karma and ensure you never attract it again.

Having a personal spiritual mentor helps. I have three.

If you've been wondering how to get rid of bad karma, following these guidelines should be your first step on a path to a new journey. 

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Keya Murthy, M.S., works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach at the Ventura Healing Center. She is also an international bestselling author. Keya is passionate about helping her clients move beyond their circumstances to find their purpose and authentic happiness in life.

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