Want Better Sex? Take A Staycation


Stay-at-home vacations may be the new aphrodisiac.

Even with jet lag, lumpy mattresses, noisy neighbors and gross food, sex was always better when my husband and I were on vacation. Once we escaped all of the daily obligations, we found that we both had a lot more energy for sex. And then we discovered staycations. More sex and less travel time — it definitely made for a winning combination.

I've lived in California all my life, so we were lucky to live close to beautiful beaches lined with luxurious hotels. When we human beings go on vacation, we usually make a point to see every tourist attractions in the area. We don't think of being tourists in our hometown. There are spots near your home that are just waiting to be explored with this idea in mind.

Here's an exercise I give my coaching clients: make a list of all the interesting and unique places there are to visit (and stay for the weekend or at least overnight) within a 50-100 mile radius of your home. I bet you'll be surprised. Once you have your list, start making plans to visit them. Look for the things you would on any other vacation: visiting museums, golfing, hiking, wine tasting, biking, whatever you can enjoy together. Keep reading ...

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