10 Ways To Determine If You Are Marriage Material!

Why do some people seem to find a marriage partner again and again (and for the second or third time) and others never seem to be able to find one marriage partner? Let me tell you it’s not about having movie star looks or being model thin. There seems to be some similar characteristics of people who do seem to be able to connect to a romantic marriage partner and tie the knot. Below I have distilled it down to 10. Rate each one from zero to ten and see how fully you exhibit these characteristics:

  1. You think of others first and how your actions can impact them.
  2. You look at the good in people and not always looking at the negative
  3. You are a social creature and like to have people around- a lot!
  4. You desire to have a family, and/or you like to be around other peoples’ kids and pets.
  5. You can tolerate your partner’s imperfections. You do not judge him or her harshly for their warts.
  6. You are a good listener. You do not interrupt them when they are talking and have them feel you understand them.
  7. You are open-minded and can consider other people’s suggestions, ideas or perspectives. You do not discount their comments.
  8. You can be flexible and try to accommodate your partner’s requests and needs, whenever possible.
  9. You show appreciation of your partner and you can express it both verbally and through some action or token of appreciation, such as gifts.
  10. You are willing to learn and grow with your partner and you look at the journey as an adventure taken together!

There you have it! This is what you need in order to become a “we” instead of a “me” that will lead you towards finding a loving marriage partner. Which characteristics do you have? Which ones are not you? Of those you don’t fully resonate with and rated below 5, how can you start to develop those traits in order to give you greater success with connecting with your true love marriage partner? This curious coach would like to know!

Warm Wishes,

Coach Amy

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