5 Types Of Men To Avoid At ALL Costs (They'll Break Your Heart)

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5 Types Of Men To Avoid Dating At ALL Costs

There are many types of men out there and most of them are great. But there are the few bad seeds that give men a poor rap. Here are five good examples of men to look out for and then run from as fast as you can.

1. The Poseur

His favorite holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day and he's not even Irish. This shows you he just needs another excuse to drink. Saint Patrick’s Day is a great holiday for the Irish, but if they are not and they make sure they reserve that day off every year, it's time to get out.

2. The Repeater

If he calls every girlfriend he's ever had the love of his life, reconsider dating him. It’s an awesome feeling to hear this from someone you love, but if he has said it to every girl he has had a long-term relationship with, he has severe emotional issues. This means he really has no idea how he feels.

3. The Club Promoter

This means that he's a club promoter and/or a permanent fixture at the bars. If you like that scene then go for it, but don't complain when he's still working there after his 35th birthday.

4. The Sexter

These types are everywhere now. If you want to have one-night stands, that's your prerogative, but allowing him to see all of your bits and pieces before the first date or even the first in-person interaction means he has no reason to actually date you.

You're allowing men you don't know to talk to you in a way that is meant for couples. Stop giving your whole self to someone so soon. You're giving up any reason for him to respect you or want you longer than a booty call. And the sexter will love this no muss, no fuss.

5. The Jail-Baiter

He's over 30 years old with a picture of an 18-year-old on his phone's background. Finding this on his phone after a short time would give anyone pause. He's probably the type who will marry you and then leave you for a younger woman two or even 20 years later. 


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