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About Christy Goldstein

Thanks for coming to read about me. I’m a certified life and relationship coach through World Coach Institute and a sex coach/sexpert. I became a certified life and relationship coach originally so I could help other people struggling with their lives and diagnosis or lack of one. When you are ill and feel miserable your relationships and sex lives suffer greatly. I wanted to show other people like me, who suffer with pain and fatigue, that your relationships and sex lives can still be great. Life is a balancing act, once you figure out what your balance is, you will see how quickly things change for you and your relationships with others, romantic or not. I frequently give talks on the issues of dating with an illness. 

I was a panelist for the Great Love Debate in May 2014 an event co-sponsored by Match.com designed to answer the question “Why is everyone still single?” I am in the final stages of writing Dating While Disabled to be published May 22, 2018. I also co-wrote the international best seller Secrets to Drama Free Love

I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or EDS for short, when I was 25 years old. Before knowing about having EDS, I had many surgeries correcting damage due to the illness. EDS is not an easy illness to diagnose and I was able to assist other family members to be diagnosed. Please click here to learn more about EDS. 

I am an advocate for research for people with EDS. Please feel free to contact me regarding Ehlers Danlos Syndrome if you suspect you may have EDS. Awareness for EDS is gaining momentum and hopefully more will be known soon.

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