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Counselor/Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Marriage Educator, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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"Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile"

About Christina Young

Christina Young is known as ‘The Healing Heart Coach’ through her work as a Surviving Infidelity Expert and Relationship Coach. She is author of new book A Woman’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity - how to save your self esteem and restore trust (bookshaker August 2011).

Christina specialises in ‘helping women emerge whole after infidelity’ with a passion for assisting women to confront and overcome infidelity and other challenges in their life which are having a negative effect on their relationships.

Having experienced sexual, physical, emotional abuse, bulimia and infidelity in her own life, Christina knows the impact it can have. In 2007, her husband, Doug, announced he had been continually unfaithful to her right from the start of their 24 year marriage. This included a string of one night stands and an 18 month affair with her best friend. Christina and Doug managed to come through the experience not only stronger, but still married and happier than ever. Building on her own experience and compassionate nature, she has now helped many women including celebrities and people in the public eye to get through the pain caused by infidelity. Christina is the mother of three children, and a grandmother of two.

Christina decided to become a coach after attending a personal development weekend course back in 2005. At this event, she was forced to face up to her past childhood challenges which had had a huge impact on her life up to that time. By the end of the weekend she knew that her purpose in life was to help others. This lead to her training to become a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Certified Hypnotherapist, Accredited Relationship Mentor and Certified Inner Power Therapeutic Coach. She discovered through her work and own experiences that much of how we relate to people goes back to childhood patterns and behaviours.

Christina is a regular media contributor on infidelity and relationship difficulties and has appeared widely in broadcast, print and digital media.




Christina Young Success Stories

Relationship Coaching Done With Nurturing and Love!

Women dealing with infertility

Dear Christina…
I cannot thank you enough for the incredible support you gave me. The relationship coaching work we did together, (when I found out about my partners infidelity) was so helpful and nurturing. The lessons I learned doing the work with you will stay with me for the rest of my life and your guidance and direction really helped me see things from a different perspective.
I am so grateful for the time, and effort you put in to these sessions and doing them over the internet worked really well for me too, as it meant I did not have to travel a big distance to see you.
You are an incredibly special lady with a wonderful gift, I am so blessed, to have worked with you and I will be forever grateful to you for that. Philomena xx 

Knowing when to let go!

Women in complicated relationships

"Christina was a listening ear to me at a time when I was in a somewhat dysfunctional relationship. I was attempting to “change” things about my partner that I didn’t like, didn’t want to accept and didn’t value. Needless to say that this “changing” was proving unsuccessful and thanks to Christina, I was able to highlight the discrepancies between what I wanted from a relationship and what my partner was at that time, able to offer. I was established, as a result of the coaching I received from her, that I have always behaved as the “stronger” character in my relationships, that I have been leaned on, instead of trusting that my partner is able to support me.
It is my belief that Christina is able to provide such remarkable insight in to the dynamics of relationships, due to her training and personal understandings which have undoubtedly given her the ability to experience a multitude of perspectives regarding a problem situation. Gemma.

Restoring a Marriage after Infidelity

Couples dealing with infidelity

It has now been 10 months, since my husband told me about his infidelity. Can I just say that Christina helped me a great deal. In particular the advice you gave me. I think that only a person who has been through what we have can understand.
I was so depressed and thought that I couldnt go on. I remember you saying to me "Ranjit – dont look at what has happened in the past, look at what you have got now." When I get a bit down, I always remember this. Gurpal also says that the advice Doug gave him helped him a great deal. Someone who had such a bad temper, never now gets angry or aggressive in any way. Gurpal is so calm now, it seems as though his temper has just gone and he cant get angry anymore.
Gurpal and me have not fallen out or even had an argument over the last 10 months – so we must be doing something right. He tells me he loves me about 100 times a day – he is a changed man. We spend so much quality time together and he regularly takes me out and is very romantic. We have both said that it will never go back to the way it was before and that it should get even better as each day goes by.
Thank you so much for your help – to be honest I really did not think that I would ever get better emotionally, and I thought that my life was not worth living,
Lots of love.xxxxxx"

Is your relationship fit?


"Christina is a wonderful person , with extremely high standards, morals and integrity. She is an excellent coach that is there to get the result for the client, first and foremost. Christina is a loving and compassionate coach and will also be tough with you through her love. If you want results, and you are prepared to do what it takes to get it, then you couldn't put your faith in a better person.
Christina is a professional, she is there to get a result by carefully listening to what the client says and doesn't say. Christina has a wealth of personal experience in relationships and relationship coaching. Christina has been to the very brink of ending a 26 year marriage. However, by employing the strategies and techniques that she preaches she has demonstrated that they work.
Christina has the experience and success to be a mentor as well as a coach. Christina is one coach that walks the talk. Employing Christina is probably the best thing that you can do if you really want to know whether your relationship is the right thing for you or not"
K Hall x

Moving Forward with Control in your Life

Women starting over

"I sought help some years ago not knowing what to expect from NLP/Coaching. Christina has always been approachable, understanding, caring and professional from the very first time I met her. On leaving coaching sessions with Christina I have always felt inspirational and with increased confidence of being in control of my own life again.
Through the many challenges of her own lifes journey, she is living proof that you truly can get through any challenge if you really want to. Christina is truly an amazing woman who is still standing strong and continues to be motivated in her goals and one of them is to help you, like she helped me. Thank you Christina xxx"

Inspiring Others

Women seeking a relationship

"I have known Christina for over 5 years now and believe her to be an outstanding coach and inspiration to many. She gives her time and energy to people in full doses and what she does for others comes from an internal passion she has within. I have had the pleasure of working along-side her in the world of personal development and she is the one reliable factor I can count on to make a change in those around her. Anyone who experiences Chris as a coach will get more than what they invest in her and the results will be phenomenal. An amazing woman, who leads by example and is inspiring!" Deemore


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