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How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality [EXPERT]

If you think dreams are unattainable fantasies or something you only do in your sleep, think again. Not only do dreams occur when you're awake, but you have the power to make them real. Here's how. World Wish Day Attracts Dreamers, Celebs & More!

First, you'll need to define your life's purpose. Sound scary? It isn't. Chances are, you already know what your life's purpose is. It's what makes you tick. It's whatever excites you, brings you peace or spiritual alignment. For example, my life's purpose is to joyously self-express. What's yours?

Next, you'll need to create your dreams. Dreams are what you do to achieve your life's purpose. So, if your purpose is to be a loving mother, one of your dreams might be to spend more time with your kids each day. Now, do you see how easy that is?

Creating dreams is about getting your life where you want it to be. For instance, if you have a specific finan¬cial issue, create a dream within the economic area that expresses who you are. The financial dream for a person who wants to live life as an adven¬ture may be different than the financial dream for someone who wants to be in a committed relationship.

Naturally, the bigger your dreams are the longer they will take you to achieve. Therefore, I suggest breaking your dreams into categories. That way, you can work on achieving one dream at a time. Before long, all your dreams will come true! Answer these 10 questions to start making your dreams come true today:

1. What is your life's purpose? What is it that makes you feel the most fulfilled?
2. What is your community dream? For example, maybe you'd like to do more charity work or become a class parent.
3. What is your family dream? Perhaps you'd like to go on a family vacation or adopt a child.

More love advice from YourTango:

4. What is your financial dream? Maybe you want to earn more money or start a retirement fund.
5. What is your fitness dream? For instance, maybe you'd like to walk a mile each day or start eating more vegetables.
6. What is your friendship dream? Perhaps you'd like to reconnect with an old friend, or terminate a toxic friendship.
7. What is your fun dream? Maybe you've always wanted to try salsa dancing or play hooky from work.
8. What is your well-being dream? Maybe you'd like to make more time for yourself during the week.
9. What is your career dream? If money was no object, what would your dream job be? What have you always wanted to do since you were a child?
10. What is your outrageous dream? For example, have you always wanted to travel to Southeast Asia?

Most importantly, don't be stingy when you develop dreams; put into them everything that you want and more! 10 Simple Steps To Make Your Dreams Come True

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