How To Balance Your Busy Life And Your Self-Care

A few easy ways to feel good about keeping up with a full life.


As a working mom with two teenagers, running a full time expanding business (with travel), I am always focused on how to be increasingly efficient with my own time and energy.

Working internationally as an intuitive life coach & energy therapy practitioner, most of my clients are seeking these same solutions. I believe that we are all seeking to enjoy more and stress less.

No matter what stage your family or business is in right now, it is important to constantly evaluate your priorities in each moment. Being clear about where to focus and knowing how to pivot well, is the name of the game.


This is one of the main reasons I constantly recommend excellent self-care habits because they keep your body happy, your mind relaxed and your soul playful. 

A few of my favorite self care choices and recommendations:

  • Regular massage, body or energy work.
  • Quality personal coaching or intuitive guidance.
  • Time in nature to walk or rest.
  • Daily journaling or meditation.
  • A good nap or guided visualization mp3.

Self-care does not have to be elaborate. It does however need to have a positive personal affect for you in order to assist your body, mind and emotional system. This allows you to have a full tank of energy as often as you can.


When we choose regular self-care, we choose to charge our battery in a way that not only gives happiness to us, but to everyone else we know. 

Sometimes our health is doing well and yet things are off or behind schedule at the office. Or perhaps your business is booming, but you are feeling too busy to eat right and take care of your body. Another common imbalance is people pulled in many directions socially and feeling torn from family.

What I have found to work in my own life, is finding ways to support each of these areas everyday. Doing so keeps me connected and aware of what is useful next. 

It is easy to get tunnel vision on work, surrounding family issues, or a challenging health issue, that can pull all of your time and energy into it. This eventually catches up down the line possibly with a minor issue. Hopefully this gets our attention to correct our course.


If we ignore signs of neglect in any area, this can expand into a major health or personal issues that may demand our full attention immediately. As much as it is easy to blow off self-care, what if you knew it was your "feel good insurance."

What if it is all the difference for you to keep your grounding and cool when things get intense around you, isn't that worth it? I believe so. 

Balance is all about moderation and focus. If you are spinning in every direction catching balls from the office, kids needs, social requests, etc. and trying to hold them all up, you are more likely to drop them all.


When you catch and focus on one thing at a time, then toss it where it needs to go, then you are free to catch another and another while staying focused in your center. When we are taking care of ourselves and feeling supported, we are better at staying in the game and even more importantly enjoying every minute of it.

Cathleen is an intuitive life coach who guides clients into body-mind-soul life balance. To see how a LIFE SESSION can guide you into more work-health-life-relationship balance go to Sign up on home page for FREE 2015 Energy Upgrades mp3. All text copyrighted Cathleen Miller Holistic MediumTM 2015.