Simple Romantic New Year's Date Ideas

Wish you and your mate were closer? Long for a romantic New Year's Eve? 10 Unique ideas inspire love

Simple Romantic New Year's Date Ideas

Once upon a time you guys talked for hours...about nothing. Now you read each others minds.  Not that it is bad to know each other so well.  It can just be a bit quiet around the house.

Creating experiences with one another is what will light up the embers of romance. The simpler the better.  When you don't fuss about details, you have more to bring to your time with your mate.

Here are 10 simple ideas for you to relax and have fun with your sweetie this holiday weekend.  The romance is up to you!


1.  Picnic. How long has it been since you ate outside on a checkered cloth?  Grab a couple sandwiches and cans of coke and head out to your local park. If you live in the north, even better.  Surprise your mate with a living room picnic.  A trip to the dollar store will set you up with everything you need to pretend it is summer.

2. City Tour. Especially if you have lived in your city for years, grab a map of local attractions and hop on a bus.  Explore your own city.  Eat at a trendy diner in a part of the city you are least familiar with.  People watch.

3. Hike. Find an area park, grab your water bottles and head out to walk.  Maybe snowshoes will be necessary but bundle up and get out there.  Fresh air is always good for a couple.  Walk along quietly yet attentively.  Let your partner choose whether to have conversation or not.  Nature watch.


4.  Dollar Store. Back to the Dollar Store with 5 bucks apiece and buy gifts for each other.  This sweet way of plugging into what makes your partner happy is a lot of fun. One Christmas, my sweetie and I picked a $20 limit for Christmas.  I picked 20 things at the dollar store and wrapped each one.

5. TNT. Watch an old movie together and kanoodle on the sofa.  Nothing better than this.  My husband is 8 years older than me.  I love to whisper to him, "Let's pretend I am 15 and my dad is in the next room." 

6. Garden Center. Your area garden center is a treasure.  The plant section of your neighborhood Lowes or Home Depot is available year round.  Spend time looking around, smelling the merchandise and touching the lovely plants.

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7. Animal Shelter. Visit the animals in your local pet shelter.  Loving the cutie pie critters with your Lover is delicious. Don't whine that you can't see the poor little things in the cages.  Grow up. 

Loving up these animals so they have a chance to be a great pet for someone is a real service.  Plus animals are easier to be with than people most days of the week and volunteering together is a great experience.

8. Big and Tall Man’s Store. I will never forget years ago a friend and I happened into the Big Guy’s store to shop for a gift. We rolled with laughter holding up the giant clothes. Don’t scoff if you haven’t tried it.  You can also spend a lot of time at the Brookstone Store where fantastic massage chairs sit waiting for you to sit in them.

9. Airplane Watching. Go to your area small airport with a appropriate beverage and some cheese and crackers.  Watch the planes and jets come in and go out.  You may even have an airport near you where sky divers practice.


10. Big Box Electronics Store. Sit in the audio rooms and theater seating in front of big screen TVs.  Sink into the great sound and enjoy the show!  Tour the new gadgets and try the latest gizmos.  Watch how good kids are at everything electronic.  Finish the day with an ice cream cone.

When times are challenging and celebrations are called for, think simple pleasures.  I always recommend getting outside or spending time with animals.  Something that will bypass your thinking and give you a physical experience.  Take the focus off the WHAT should you do and put it into WHO you guys are as a couple.

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