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Career Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

About Cara Cordoni

After 9 years in an abusive relationship, I know what it's like to feel scared, alone and heading down the wrong road. I've pursued work that wasn't a good fit, been uncomfortable in my own body and overwhelmed by doubt and fear. I now know how to travel the road of personal fulfillment, love, meaning and happiness and it is my honor to work with women ready to pursue their highest good too.

I know all too well that many women these days are stressed, overwhelmed, disillusioned, and wondering "How did I get here?" My work is dedicated to helping high-achieving women take a step back, redefine their most authentic dreams and priorities, and then craft a passionate life aligned with these.

I received my coaching certification through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute.  Prior to that, I spent 10+ years at Charles Schwab, and also have a background in performance, theater, art, and activism. I am most proud of leaving a 9 year emotionally abusive relationship after which my life transformed and flourished beyond measure. 

Daughter of two San Francisco historic neighborhoods (born in North Beach, raised in the Haight), I lived in Athens, Greece and Aswan, Egypt before returning to San Francisco where I live with my musician husband and our 2 energetic and inspiring sons.

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