2 Simple Yet LIFE-CHANGING Stress Management Tips (You're Welcome)

Begone, stress!

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Stress is an inevitable part life. Sometimes it seems manageable. Sometimes it feels there's so much to do in so little time!

What you don't realize, though, is that some stress is avoidable. Who's causing it? You.

You accept so much responsibility that it weighs you down more and more. Soon, you're be gasping for air, searching for an escape to rid yourself of the stress and deal with the anxiety from responsibility overkill.


But here's the thing: You're also the key to de-stressing. Author and host Charles J. Orlando, author John Gray, life coach and speaker Cara Cordoni, licensed psychotherapist and bioenergetic analyst Leah Benson and counselor and therapist Atul Kumar Mehra say that you can use some easy tactics to give yourself sufficient time to de-stress. 

Here are two masterful ways you can relax:

1. Have An Adult Tantrum (Yes, Really)

It sounds funny, but tantrums aren't just for toddlers. Sometimes you have so much pent up negative energy and overwhelming emotion that you simply need to let it out. It's OK to release that bad energy, even if you are an adult.


Not convinced? According to Cara Cordoni, you can combat the negative effects of stress on your mind and body with exercise. "We know that the stress hormones, like cortisol, that when you're physically active, you process them," she says, "If you're just sitting around and stewing in your head and having that stress response, you're prolonging it."

2. Don't Accept Every Task

The need to say yes to everything is common. If you accept it all, you're definitely taking on too much responsibility. However, if you feel like you can't directly say no, find a nice way to decline. People will be more understanding and less hurt if you don't say no right away, and you'll feel less guilty about not being able to help.

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