2 Guaranteed Ways To Be The Happiest Version Of You EVER

What's THE key to happiness? Find out!

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All humans have one common goal in life: To achieve complete happiness.


Many ancient Greek philosophers famously contemplated the key to happiness. Socrates, for example, said, "The secret to happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less."

This adage has definitely stood the test of time — even in our modern, capitalist world. Many believe that happiness comes from rewards earned from our successes. We fill our lives with an abundance of monetary wealth and expensive objects (cars, houses, jewelry, etc.).

But honestly, as cliché as it sounds, money can't buy you happiness. According to a collaborative global study released in 2011, researchers found that 30 percent of the population in some of the wealthiest nations — with the U.S. near the top of that list — suffer from depression.


What's the REAL key to happiness, you ask? Author and host Charles J. Orlando, author Dr. John Gray, life coach and speaker Cara Cordoni, licensed psychotherapist and bioenergetic analyst Leah Benson and counselor and therapist Atul Kumar Mehra discuss what the true ways to gain happiness. 

Here are two keys to achieve the happiness you crave:

1. Find Meaning In Your Life

The first step to happiness is finding meaning in every aspect of your life. Everything from close relationships to your career has meaning. Seek out people worth relating to and loving. Set a career path that makes a profound impact on your life as well as the lives of others. Creating and maintaining aspects of substantial value in your life WILL make you happy in a meaningful life worth living.


2. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Don't be so judgmental and nitpicky about your natural emotions and your body. Love who you are, and know that any struggles you face will end. Know that you have the intelligence and confidence to overcome those struggles. Know that sadness, frustration and stress are not permanent.

Leah Benson further explains that happiness involves "being able to have a range of feelings — happiness, joy, anger, confusion, sadness, fear, rage. [The foundations to being able to be happy are] that whatever the feeling is that you're having ... you are OK with that, and [you] won't judge yourself for it. [All] the passing feelings sum up to you feeling good in your body, yourself ...."

Want to know the other definite keys to happiness? Watch the video above to hear what the YourTango Experts panel says will inevitably end your search for happiness.