5 Things That Make Men Insanely Attracted To Women (According To Men)

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Top 5 Things That Make Men Gaga Over You

There are cute little things that women do that just melt a guy's heart. While their macho appearance on the outside may be deceiving, I asked some men what they consider cute acts or gestures that make them fall harder for women.

I spoke to 14 men about what made them go gaga over a woman. 

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Every guy I talked to made it a point to say that everyone is different and are unique in what they think is cute from one woman to the next. But, they did have a general consensus across the board for what women do that make their heart melt.

Here is what guys like in women:

1. Random sweet texts throughout the day

The guys I spoke to all said the random text saying "I'm thinking about you" or just to see how their day was have a positive effect on the way they perceived the woman. 

One said: "It shows a genuine and loving side of a woman when she can randomly text me and makes my day." Another said: "It's the small acts that a woman shows she cares by sending a text letting me know I matter to her."

Many people think it's easy to send a text and go on with their day. But sending the random text, when there hasn't been any conversation in the day yet, makes men go gaga!

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2. Small gifts out of nowhere

The common birthday or Christmas gifts are usually a given or expected when dating or seeing someone. The small gifts for no other reason other than to see a smile is priceless. 

It's easy to remember Christmas and birthdays. One guy said: "If she remembers my favorite chocolate and randomly gets it for me just because, it means a lot."

It's the everyday acts of appreciation and selflessness shown by these little presents. 

It also shows that a person went a step further to show a man they mean something to them. It shows that the woman is listening when the man is speaking and not just pretending to care.

3. Going out of your way for him

This could mean anything from a romantic getaway to camping trip to needing a jump because the car battery died. Doing something out of the ordinary means you're thinking about him more than yourself. 

One guy said: "It means more to me when a woman stands by your side through the everyday life struggles or situations rather than huge events. It shows they're down for you in different ways."

4. Acting motherly around kids

How women act with children was reported by a few of the guys I talked with. They stated that it is a true test of how genuine and loving they are.

How often do you think men's hearts melt when someone is mean to a child? Probably not so much. Ladies, get around some babies and show them your sensitive and vulnerable side. Their hearts will completely melt into their stomachs!  

The men said it makes their heart melt like none other. To see how interactive and pure women are with children really says a lot! It shows a woman's character in many ways.

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5. Having a positive attitude about life

Every guy I talked with said that a woman with a positive attitude is sexy. They said it shows a lot about their character and sheds a positive light on them. 

They said that in a day and age where women are treated inferior to men, having a positive attitude in that type of world is admirable.  

These were common themes that all the men I talked to had in common. Make it a point to do these 5 things and you will have your man wrapped around your pinky finger! 

Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.