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3 Tips To Attract The Intimacy You Desire

3 Tips To Attract The Intimacy You Desire defines intimacy as a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. While it may sound contradictory or harsh, the truth is that many of us have sex without being intimate. If you've had your share of one night stands, relationships with men or women that just didn't "get" you, or found yourself longing for a partner who would really feel like a partner, then perhaps what you really may be missing is intimacy.

While sex is amazing and pleasurable, if intimacy is what you truly desire, then sex without it will feel empty. Intimacy is much more of an emotion of love then a position of pleasure. We may think emotions are created by what we see and sense around us, actually they're triggered by our own thinking. They come from within. Therefore, the more affectionate and loving you can be with yourself, the more intimate you will feel toward yourself and with others. 4 Tips To 'Get You There' When Orgasming Seems Damn Near Impossible

Here are three suggestions to increase your personal intimacy so you can attract the intimacy you desire from someone else:

1. Get out of your head and into your body. There is nothing sexier than watching a woman who is in touch with her body, comfortable, and confident in her skin. A woman who knows what she’s got and flaunts it at any size, shape, or age is rocking her intimacy. Activities like pole dancing, burlesque, or a sexy photo shoot can also help a woman reconnect with her body. If that's too big of a leap, then start with a sexy pair of pj's or panties. No one but you has to know how you get your sexy on.

2. Butter up. Caressing yourself with luxurious body oils and hydrating your skin so it appears supple and glowing feels good, lets your body know how much you care, and makes you feel alive. It's so worth it! Make sure to pay attention to all of your lady parts from head to toe. Using Sex Butter is a great way to get connected to your body. Sex Butter is an all natural personal enhancement lubricant that has energetic properties to open you up sexually and emotionally. You can learn more about Sex Butter and how to use it at Sex Butter is for all of your lovely parts.

3. Take notice. As you relish in your personal intimacy, take notice of intimacy around you. Look for the soft touch of a man's hand on his wife's lower back. Smile at the sweet kiss the woman nearby planted on her boyfriend’s cheek, which provoked that intimate look between them. Notice what it is you love about love. Have You & Your Partner Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

The closer you get to your own intimate relationship, or increasing intimacy in the one you already have, the more you will start to notice love and affection around you. Take this as a beautiful sign that you are overflowing with love and if that special other has not already shown up, he/she will show up soon to soak it all up and shower you with it too!

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