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"Our bodies are constantly changing. Medication, hormone fluctuation, disease, and vaginal disorders are causing painful sex for 15-30 million women today. Most sexy toys and lubricants on the market today are toxic. Understanding what you're using for sexual health is so important. Be educated on what you're putting on and in your bodyl. After all, they are your most precious parts." - Bonnie Gayle

About Bonnie Gayle

Bonnie Gayle – Founder and Co-Creator of Sex Butter

Bonnie Gayle is becoming synonymous with terms like “women’s empowerment” and “body liberation.” After co-creating Sex Butter, a blend of essential oils used to lubricate and enhance sexual pleasure, while empowering and healing women and couples, her true mission came alive: “Love the body you are in and it will love you back! We all have our ‘sweet spot’ and that part of our body we love – connect into that part of you and feel yourself like never before.”

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