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6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Vagina SUPREMELY Happy (And Healthy)

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Keep Your Vagina Majorly Happy And Healthy

When was the last time you thought about ... how your vagina is feeling?

Does that seem like a crazy question? It's not! And here's why ... 

With your never ending daily to-do list, you don't give your vagina the attention she needs.

Discomfort, pain, itching and burning are your vagina's way of communicating that she needs some tender loving care. But numbness is another way she lets you know she's feeling neglected.

And this matters because — when your vagina isn't happy, neither are you.

Long before menopause you can experience changes in your vaginal health because of stress, side effects of medication, as well as hormonal changes. These changes occur in your early 20s and 30s, as well as into your 40s and beyond.

They also affect the vitality of the tissue, lining and walls of your vagina. The lining, which once protected your vaginal walls and tissue, thins as you lose estrogen, which causes discomfort in the forms of pain, tissue tearing, and dryness (which in addition to affecting general comfort, obviously impairs sexual pleasure, as well). 

The good news is, there are simple things you can start doing now to keep your vagina healthy and happy. No matter what your age, it's never too early (or too late) to start taking care of your vagina — here are six simple ways to do so:

1. Work Out!

Kegels are exercises you can do anytime/anywhere that strengthen your vagina muscles; keeping them strong supports you in enjoying sex more, having more intense orgasms and hopefully not developing incontinence later in life.

You can do Kegels while you're watching television, driving (a great way to kill time at red lights), and even working on your computer — so there's NO EXCUSE.

2. Go Commando Or Au Cotton — Your Choice!

Wear cotton paneled underwear or pop Go Commandos cotton patches into your pants. If you don't like underwear or want to let your vagina breathe while feeling cleanly, the Go Commandos patch is the next best thing to wearing nothing at all. Your vagina will love the freedom!

Why does breathability matter? Synthetic fabrics that don't allow your vagina to breathe lead to trapped moisture and irritation which leads to infection. It's no surprise that yeast infections are so common today.

3. Self-Pleasure is Self Care.

If you don't know how to please yourself, how do you expect someone else to succeed at it? If you don't experience sexual pleasure regularly, you are depriving yourself of a basic human need.

Self-pleasuring is a way to get to know your body so that you can experience pleasure, release and be able to communicate those turn-ons to your partner.

A survey conducted by Cosmopolitan found that women are severely orgasm deficient. So ladies, make sure you know how to please yourself so you're always taken care of — whether you're in a relationship or not.

Either way, knowing your body and what makes you feel good is a win-win!

4. Ditch Toxic Bath Products

Use only organic products in your bath. Make sure the soap and bathing products you use do not contain ingredients that could be harmful to the delicate tissue and lining in your vagina.

When you sit in the tub, anything that is in the water ends up in your vagina. Toxic chemicals in your bath can dramatically affect your vagina PH which leads to a variety of unpleasant issues.

5. Use Natural Products

In the same vein, wash your underwear with natural detergent. An itchy vagina could be caused by the ingredients in your laundry detergent. Get rid of the toxic ingredients and the itchiness too.

Also, without fail — use an organic sexual lubricant!

I can't stress this enough! Your vagina has NO filter and so many of the lubricants on the market today contain toxic ingredients such as: parabens, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, glycerin and more  which can cause issues with reproduction, the PH balance of your vagina, and lead to a myriad of disease, including Cancer.

Sex Butter is an organic sexual lubricant that lubricates and enhances sexual desire while maintaining a healthy PH balance. The ingredients are plant-based (no petroleum oils) which are healthy for your most delicate parts, inside and out.

6. Clean Out the Toy Chest

Sex toys are NOT regulated. If you are using or have any sex toys that are porous, made of PVC, contain Phthalates, are jelly in texture, and/or smell like chemicals beware that they are harmful to your body.

Get rid of them immediately. They contain toxins and chemicals are highly harmful to your vagina and are known to cause infection and serious disease.

If you haven't considered your vagina's health, in a long time ... NOW is a great time to start.

The sooner you start caring for your vagina the better the odds you'll have a happy and healthy vagina. With women living longer lives, issues not recognized by women in past generations are now extremely relevant and important today.

Your vagina's health is one of them!