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Live Your Best Love Life: Unleash Your Inner Siren

Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit

Calling a sexy woman a "siren" has not generally been a compliment in our society ... until now. Usually, we refer to femme fatales as sirens, especially ones who are trying to lure our men away. But what if being a siren meant that your inner and outer beauty, plus your capacity to give and receive pleasure —physical and otherwise, were so magnetic that you naturally attracted high-quality men as lovers and life partners? Wouldn't that make being a siren positive, sexy and fun?

In Greek mythology, sirens were said to be "dangerous and beautiful creatures" whose captivating voices and music lured sailors like Odysseus to the rocky shores of their remote island. The sirens' beauty and magic became synonymous with temptation and death, as encountering a siren generally led to an unhappy ending.

Fortunately, modern goddesses are rewriting this myth by letting their inner sirens "sing their songs" and experience pleasure—physical and emotional—in every part of their lives. To teach more women—and men—how to do this for themselves, two dozen experts on sexuality and intimacy recently participated in an online telesummit hosted by "sensuality priestess" and intuitive coach Deonesea La Fey

The full Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit will be available online this weekend (May 18-20) at no charge, in a 48-hour "replay marathon." From 8 a.m. (PT) on Saturday, May 18, through 8 a.m. (PT) on Monday, May 20, you'll be able to listen online to any or all of the 24 interviews—and get instant access to free gifts from Deonesea's "Inner Siren" guest experts. 

When I asked Deonesea what prompted her to interview 24 sex and sensuality experts, she enthusiastically replied:

"I've been working with personal empowerment and embodiment journeys for women for several years by teaching belly dance and using breath work, tantric processes, and deep authentic movement as a form of prayer. This has helped women face things that were emotionally difficult. It also allowed them to tap into the creative power of their womb-space and all the information stored in their bodies. Experiencing a deeper enjoyment of sexuality and sensuality by creating a more intimate relationship with their bodies and their men can help women step more fully into the kinds of careers they'd like to have as well. To be able to share this with women around the world the way I have in my in-person workshops and retreats, I asked people whose work I knew personally or whose books I'd read to participate in a telesummit." 

The result, for Deonesea personally, has been a hugely positive experience, "It's connected me with a whole web of people who are passionate about these things, just like I am. The information they've shared is so rich! I'm excited to help people step further into accepting their bodies and enjoying their sexuality just by listening to our conversations."

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Deonesea shared some of what she learned from her interviews: "Ben and Jen Rode do some amazing work by fusing tantric practices with 'Goddess-spot massage' and extended orgasm, plus Reiki and hypnotherapy. Their whole premise is that when a woman can allow herself to open into receptivity and stay in a state of orgasmic pleasure, a deep well of healing becomes available. This can help a woman clear any blocks to speaking her truth and being in her power, which spills over to other parts of life—like our careers, passions, and purpose; what we feel we're here to do on the planet. A lot of the interviews offer the perspective that a huge shift is happening on the planet as women come into their power. Crystal Andrus reminded me that women have had a sense of empowerment for only a short period of time on the planet. It's been centuries, in fact, since women had any voice in political or other positions of power, as they've been relegated to the home or being sexual mistresses through bearing children, taking care of their men and using their sexual energy to attract men to take care of them." 

But women are still not as proud of their sexuality or their bodies as they could and should be, according to many of the experts. "Pamela Madsen, for instance, talks about being shameless," Deonesea says. "She says shame is 'the gift that was given to all of us since Eve'—but we've had trouble giving it back! Fortunately, it's clear that we're all in this together as more women become aware that they're still hesitant to embrace or speak up about their sexuality, even those of us who have worked in this arena for years."

Several tantric experts share tips on being present during lovemaking and how to lead your lover to touch you the way you like to be touched, as well as ways to explore your own body. Some of the experts include breath work and meditation as tools for tuning into our bodies and finding out what we're feeling, emotionally and physically. Per Deonesea, "Katie Hendricks has a gorgeous way of taking us back into the body and asking, 'What is my body feeling right now?' Feeling shame inevitably comes from some kind of fear—for me it's the fear of not being liked or accepted."

Interviews with some of the guest-experts include meditations and exercises that can help with these issues, as well as getting in touch with your sensuality. For example, Dr. Kimberly McGeorge guides listeners in "a sensual soul-bath" for clearing the body of shame and body image issues. Tanya Diamond offers a "beautiful breath work meditation for expanding orgasmic capacity—for both women and men." She also defines the various types of orgasms.

Several men are also guest-experts, like Ben Rode (interviewed along with his wife Jen), who shares the benefits for both men and women of doing kegel exercises (called "lotus lifts" by expert Pamela Madsen). Rode says they can improve men's health and orgasmic capacity as well as premature ejaculation issues. Ray Doktor relates how women can attract very masculine males "by softening into their feminine presence." He talks about the "language of feminine sensuality" and encourages women to "communicate this in a way that makes men just want to give to them." 

Billy Sunday Mars addresses the health benefits of sexuality, especially how vital biochemicals are released and how a woman's body relaxes through touch and intimacy. He claims that building arousal and orgasmic energy creates a rejuvenating state in which our bodies can heal. Deonesea says, "I didn't know the depth to which sex promotes health in our bodies—it can even add years to our lifespan!"

Julie Ward talks about making the shift from masculine energy in our workday to feminine presence in our personal lives. Jan Robinson also talks about how women can cultivate feminine magnetism to attract very masculine males.

In addition, guest experts address sexual abuse and overcoming its trauma, which Deonesea admits was part of her personal journey. But according to many of these experts, official statistics only scratch the surface as sexual abuse is far more pervasive than most people realize. 

There's also no mention of pleasure in traditional sex education, which focuses on avoiding pregnancy and STDs. "I think the biggest message for me from the summit," concludes Deonesea, "is that we all have the capacity for pleasure and there are lots of tools and techniques we can learn which will enhance it. Elayne Doughty talks about dropping us into our hearts, which is a fundamental piece of this—when we drop into our hearts and our bodies, and get out of our heads, there's a world of pleasure and enjoyment of life available to us.  For me, that's what getting in touch with our own inner siren's song is about."

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