3 New Year's Resolution Tips To Create The Best 2015 Ever

Don't drag emotional or mental baggage into 2015. Start fresh this year.


Most New Year's Resolutions try to fix what didn't work last year. They don't usually work either, as we give up on them too soon or find they don't help us move into the future after all.

For 2015, I invite you to try 3 things to let go of 2014, stand in the moment as you begin 2015, and empower your Future Self to call you forth to create the year you would like to have.

On January 1st, or in the first week or so of 2015, set aside 15-20 minutes for yourself. Brew some fragrant tea, put on some relaxing music, turn off the phone and computer, and give yourself permission to truly shift from 2014 into 2015.


To let go of 2014:

Write 3 lists (on separate pieces of paper) of all the things that are still in your head or heart from 2014 that are:

  • Regrets — things you wish you'd said or done differently
  • Disappointments — things you wish hadn't happened at all, or you wish had happened but didn't
  • Unfinished Business — all those things still on your "to do" list that aren't done yet, or didn't even get started in 2014

You can tear up the Regrets and Disappointment lists, burn them if you like, and let them go. Just like the months on your 2014 calendar, they can't be changed and aren't worth carrying into 2015. Beating yourself up about what happened or didn't happen is a waste of your time as well as your energy. Unstick your energy by reclaiming it, so you can use it for things that are more fun and feel better in 2015.


With the Unfinished Business list, make a 4th list titled "To Do by 7/4/15") of those items that are Unfinished from 2014 yet you want to do them or complete them in 2015, and can commit to doing so before July 4th, which I choose because it's Independence Day.

By rewriting these items on your new 2015 To Do list, you're claiming them anew, with new energy, a new commitment, a New You. Once you've transferred those you're reclaiming into your 2015 list, you can tear up or burn your 2014 list. It's done; no going back.

Then, get started with your 2015 list, one step, one item at a time. Check them off as you complete them and see if you can get all of them done by Independence Day so you can enjoy the fireworks as your personal celebration.

To launch 2015 from a clean slate:


Once you've torn up or burned your 2014 lists, hold your 2015 To Do List in your hands and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths. Feel the Life Force of breath moving through you, rejuvenating all your cells, energizing your mind, heart and new year.

Now, think of some  people and things you're grateful to have in your life now. Say "thank you" out loud if you wish. You can also write thank you notes to those people to add an extra boost of gratitude-power to your 2015.

Know that these people and things are part of you now—your present.

Envision your optimal December 31, 2015:

A year from now—where are you, who are you with, what are you doing, and most importantly how are you feeling?


Imagine yourself at the end of 2015. You've jumped ahead over the whole calendar, all 360-whatever days from now. How has your year been? How did you "write" it to be?

I believe we're all "writing" our lives as we live them. We're creating them as their author, their hero/heroine, and also their audience. If you're writing your 2015 story from here, don't you want it to be a great Hero's Journey—full of fun experiences, challenges that help you expand and grow, successes that make a difference for you and others?

Let the feelings, thoughts, visions of 12/31/15 sink into your body through your breath, one breath at a time. Fill your cells with the empowered vision of your 2015 and let your Future Self now write your year with you to be the best you've lived so far. No matter what happens, or doesn't happen, you're living a story only you can tell.