Use These 10 Job Interview Tips To Impress Your New Date


Try to think about first dates like they’re an interview for a new job. You wouldn't show up late for an interview, or look at your phone the whole time, so why would you on a first date? Try to show some manners and be kind. 

Keep reading to make sure you get to that second date! 

1. Be on time
Fashionably late works for a party, not for a date. Someone is counting on you being somewhere at a certain time, showing up late is rude. 

2. Don’t wear something you feel uncomfortable in
If you feel mildly uncomfortable at home, chances are you are going to feel even more uncomfortable when you’re on a first date. Wear shoes you can walk in and clothes that don’t restrict you too much. 

3. Put your phone away
No one likes to be out with someone who is attached to their phone, put your phone in your pocket or purse and focus on your date! Once on a first date I thought a man was disinterested because he was on his phone all night, turns out he really was interested but was nervous so he kept checking his phone. Put it away so you’re not tempted to look at it. 

4. Don’t drink too much
Try to get to know each other sober. Stick to one or two drinks maximum, it might be tempting to drink more to calm your nerves but this will not help in the long run.  

5. Speak up
If they’ve planned a restaurant at a steakhouse and you’re a vegetarian say something! Better to say something now than to be uncomfortable all night.

6. Ask questions
Ask what type of person they see themselves dating, find out what their hobbies are and ask about their goals in life. First dates are all about learning about a new person so ask questions and listen to the answers! 

7. After the date ask yourself how it went
After the date, reflect on your experience. Ask yourself did they have good manners? Is there potential here? Are they stuck in the past?  

8. Keep the date short
This way the investment is small, if you’re having a bad time you only have to endure it for a short period of time. Try grabbing a cup of coffee instead of dinner. 

9. Be polite
It’s as simple as holding a door open or being nice to the wait staff. It doesn’t take much effort but will help build a positive first impression.   

10. Do not mention your ex
This is the equivalent of the "at my last job" comment. There is absolutely no reason to mention your ex on a first date. Avoid it at all costs! It may seem like you are still stuck on your ex if you bring it up on a date, whether you actually are or not. 

Now that you’ve read our top 10 first dating tips, you’re ready for a first date!

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