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It all began when April Davis, Founder of Cupid’s Cronies, realized she needed to take her skill of intuition and understanding people to the next level.  She was always a hard worker, a small town Midwestern girl with big city dreams, having received her Master’s degree by the age of 20 and worked her way up a Fortune 500 company, while pursuing modeling and Professional snowmobile racing on the side.  But if there was one thing she knew more than anything – it was how to help people find love. And not just the butterflies and hearts type of love – the real, long-lasting, take home to Momma, marriage material type of love.  

After all, she’s married to a Divorce Attorney, which gives her a unique insight to know what’s going to last. April Davis was a Matchmaker for years within her own circle of friends and acquaintances; she just didn’t know that she was at the time.  Whenever she met someone who was single, she would naturally start thinking of who she might know that would be a good fit for that person.

April often wondered why so many of her girlfriends were single – they were all high-caliber women who were beautiful on the inside and out.  Many were just unable able to meet a man they truly connected with, but that didn’t mean there were no good men out there! The challenges involved in singles meeting quality matches became increasingly apparent, and it was then that April realized she needed to take her matchmaking from a hobby to a full time career.

April initially did some competitive analysis and determined there was definitely a niche and need for something better than the current so called matchmaking options out there. She wanted to focus on helping busy professionals who didn’t want to meet someone at a bar and didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to online dating. They also don’t want to go on a bunch of dates, but on quality dates.  When April went to meet with a competitor and to learn more about the company model, she was told they had over 10 guys who would be a match for her.  Well April is a pretty selective lady and knew there was no way they had 10 men who she would be interested in. So their negative reputation found ubiquitously across the web was confirmed for her at that moment.

There were several big corporate players in the game who seemed to be ruining the industry by promising people a bunch of dates, but sacrificing quality.  Also, anyone could attest to the fact that many of the single people out there need more than just to be set up on a date.  They need coaching and advice to help guide them in how to attract, connect, and keep a match.  Finally the 3rd differentiating factor came in what people actually did on the date.  The idea of going to lunch or dinner seemed so outdated and formal. Cupid’s Cronies was going to set the stage so people could have a fun experience with each other without feeling like they were on an interview.  Couples would go on activity based dates where they actually did something instead of sit across the table from one another awaiting that awkward silence moment.  They could go bowling, paddle boarding, dancing, or maybe go for a walk.  The goal is to get them next to each other versus facing each other, which is much more comfortable.

Having a background in business, the next thing April did was put together a Business, Finance, and Marketing plan.  She had a ton of ideas and just needed to write them down. After that it was just pulling all the pieces together and getting the infrastructure and marketing in place.  Working full time and doing this work simultaneously proved to be challenging and it wasn’t until about 2 years later after April’s extremely well regarded and respected boss was let go from the company he served for over 30 years and at the age of 52.  It was on this day the fuel was put on the fire and she knew she had to be done with corporate America and be the Entrepreneur she always wanted to be.  Within 2 months, the website was finally finished as well as marketing materials created and business started coming in.

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