The Men's Guide To Dodging Drama Queens

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From a female perspective, I'm going to share with you 7 differences between dating drama queens and drama-free women. These 7 points come from my proven 7-Step System that allows you to stop dating drama queens and start attracting a happy, drama-free girlfriend.

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So in the spirit of finding love with a drama-free woman, here are a few ways to tell if she's the kind of woman who stays far away from this kind of conflict.

1. She asks for what she wants.

She will communicate to you if something is bothering her and leave no room for miscommunication. A drama queen doesn't communicate effectively, and often becomes upset when you don't read her mind. Sound familiar? 

2. She wants to make the world a better place.

She is the kind of woman who will spend her time volunteering at a local women's shelter, donating money to worthy causes or pioneering her own business as a means for creative self-expression. On the other hand, a drama queen spends all her time buying expensive items as a status symbol or complaining when life doesn't hand her things on a silver platter.

3. When she walks into a room, she lights it up.

You can sense true joy in her presence, smile, body language and in the way she honors both women and men. A drama queen leaves you feeling drained to a point where you can't wait to leave that mess behind.

4. She believes in you.

When a drama-free woman believes in you, your life is taken to new heights. You begin to believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish anything, no matter how great a feat. A drama queen puts you down and nothing you do will ever make her happy.

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5. She has her own life. 

Yes, you heard me right. She is spending quality time with her girlfriends, going to yoga class to release stress, or taking up a new hobby that brings excitement to her life. She understands the value of giving you personal space and freedom to be who you are.

When you finally reconnect, the absence has made your hearts grow fonder and you may discover that other things have grown fonder too. A drama queen doesn't want you to go out with your friends or have your own space. She feels insecure and jealous when you are doing your own thing. 

6. She's self-aware.

She understands who she is. She takes the time to understand her own patterns and belief systems. If there is a "negative" cycle arising as drama in her life, she looks within to see how she perpetuates it. Undoubtedly she knows it is a lingering pattern from the past, and she'll see it as an opportunity for growth.

For example, if she repeatedly attracts men who don't value her, she looks within to see where she is not valuing herself. It's likely that she attracted them to "mirror" her blind spots, so she begins an inner journey that will in turn attract a healthy and positive relationship.

A drama queen blames others for her life circumstances. She doesn't yet have tools for self-awareness, and unfortunately only knows how to keep on creating the drama.

7. Above all, she's looking for her equal.

She will not settle. She values a man for his integrity, open communication, ability to be vulnerable and doesn't allow his past fears to get in the way of him living and creating the life he came here to live. She believes that two people can bring out the best or the worst in each other, and aims to bring out the best in her man.

She is looking for a man with tools for being in a healthy relationship. A drama queen likes to play games. She wants a man's status and bank account to support her. She seems to like the drama and finds willing victims. The cycle of victimhood never stops, until a decision has been made to make the necessary changes within.

Drama-free girlfriend or drama queen? A smart and wise man will do what it takes to make the best choice. 

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Antoinette Cabral is a Dating Expert for Men. She teaches a powerful and proven 7-step System to guide men to find the Drama-free Woman of their dreams. If you are ready truly ready to find your dream woman, book your complimentary Get Your Special Girl Session.