Traveling? A Surprising, New Way To Conquer Jet Lag

Traveling? A Surprising, New Way To Conquer Jet Lag [EXPERT]
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Don't let jet lag ruin your trip! Learn a fun and easy move to decrease jet lag's awful effects.

You are jet lagged. This means that you can't fall asleep when required, your eyes close during dinner with friends, you wake up starving in the middle of the night, your brain is sleeping and missing out on the visit of that amazing museum you couldn't wait to see, your bowels need attention when you are trekking with no toilets in sight ... Basically, your system is a mess, and it takes its toll on your schedule and enjoyment. 6 Tips For A Stress-Free, Romantic Summer Getaway

And the worst news is that jet lag takes about one day per hour difference to disappear, so you might actually suffer from it during your entire trip! There is a way, however, to accelerate the process of getting rid of jet lag, and it is based on the vital energy flowing across your body. Yet, it's important to note that jet lag is a chaos that goes beyond the body's physiological functions.

The human body is constantly ridden by its vital energy (Qi or Ch’i or Ki), a flow that is always in motion. The Qi goes up and down your torso, back, legs, arms, hands, feet and head, drawing one long complicated loop. This loop has been divided by traditional Chinese medicine into 12 segments: the energy meridians. Each meridian passes through a vital organ, which name it takes.

Each meridian is in a state of energetical "high tide" for two hours during the day, and it is always the same two hours every day. During that time slot, the meridian is restored, a bit like the brain during sleep. It takes 24 hours for the 12 meridians, or the whole loop, to be refreshed. This principle is called the Circadian Clock.

When you travel to a different time zone, your meridians are still in the former zone and are activated at a time that does not fit the Circadian Clock anymore. For example, the time slot for the stomach meridian is 7am-9am, at breakfast time, the first food intake after a long period of inactivity. If you now happen to be in a time zone where this occurs in the middle of the night, your digestive function will wake up and will wake you up.

Because each meridian regulates an emotion, a psychological state and a sense, these spheres are also disturbed. To help your physiological system get back in tune with the proper time slots, a radical way is to get your Circadian Clock to readjust. This accelerates the process, which can take up to three weeks for some of us.

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