6 Tips For A Stress-Free, Romantic Summer Getaway

6 Tips For A Stress-Free, Romantic Summer Getaway [EXPERT]
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Are you ready for a relaxing vacation?

You have Googled, planned, phoned and negotiated, finalized reservations and even purchased sexy undergarments for yourself and your companion. But have you forgotten the most important ingredient for the most romantic time of your life? Do you know what that important ingredient might be?

The answer is attitudeAttitude is affected by your energy and the way you feel. Will you feel on-edge or free-flowing, vibrant and sexy? It all comes down to attitude. Lets have a closer look at how your attitude can affect your romantic vacationTraveling Solo? How To Meet Men On Vacation

1. Remember: You are responsible for your own happiness. I am sure this is not earth shattering news to you, but you would be surprised at how many people embark on romantic trips expecting their partners to make them happy. If you want to make yourself happy and enjoyable to be around, it is a good idea to leave your judgments and criticisms at home. We are all wired in a way that allows us to let go of upsetting thoughts. Focus on what you appreciate about your surroundings and take your focus away from what you do not like.

2. Entertain love in your heart. With love in your heart you become magnetic. Wouldn't you prefer to be around someone who has a heart filled with love? Especially if that someone happens to be your travel companion. That is what you want your partner to feel for you. Your attitude will either attract what you want from your partner or it will deflect what you want. Tourist Alert! 7 Pro Tips You'll Love For Traveling As A Couple

3. Maximize your senses. Notice the aromas, bird calls and the wind against your cheek. Notice the flowers, tree bark and the earth beneath your feet. Be in love with your esssence and your ability to experience all of this. Another aspect of your essence is the ability to experience another person. The times you will forget to check in with your senses, will be the times you are in your head. It is best to get out of your head and into your heart.

4. Let yourself experience your companion. It can be scary to rely on one person to be a best friend, lover, confidant and companion. This is why many vacationers will spend far too much time on their cell phones or emailing. Who would want to be around that distraction? It might be a tall order to experience one person in so many roles. But, it is only our fearful thoughts that can get in the way. If you know ahead of time that you do not have to believe these scary thoughts, you will avoid negative feelings. When you do avoid negative feelings, you end up creating a healthy attitude, that is lighthearted and fun to be around. 

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