The One Radical Way To Relax Your Stiff Neck

Being an author I spend a lot of time in front of my PC, my body almost still in the same position along the day, actually just like millions of workers in the world, and just like you. I write books and articles and emails, you write emails, notes, memos, reports, all day long, all week long. It takes a toll on our neck and shoulders.

Not to mention mental stress from the boss, the colleagues, the deadlines, the kids, the parents, you name it.That makes for more tension in the neck.

Or maybe you slept in the wrong position, that happens. And tonight you have a date, you would like to look relaxed!

Whatever the reason for you stiff neck, it is unpleasant, painful, inconvenient, bad for your well-being, and you want to get rid of it.

I found the solution by coincidence, when I was studying acupressure in Berkeley, CA. It was the end of the day, I was in a park with a gorgeous view, the sun light was golden and warm, and I decided to study laying down on a bench. To be able to read my books and notes, I had to support my head, which I did with what I had: books.

When I got up to go back home, I immediately felt my neck was different... It was totally relaxed. And I could feel the blood and the energy flow freely through it from my head to my back. The feeling was divine!

I realized that while my head was resting on the pile of books, the back of my neck was resting on the edge of the book on top of the pile. It was a hard cover book, and the weight of my head pressed my neck on this hard edge, just like acupressure. I didn't have to do anything, just lay down and do something else. I could have slept, for that matter!

Now the problem was that I rested my head for an hour or so, and that is a lot of pressure for any muscle! So I got aches (within a few hours!), and the day after my neck felt like my thighs after 50 miles of biking...

So I experimented more, and here is the result, what to do when your neck is stiff:

  • On the floor, pile up a few hard cover books (dictionaries, encyclopediae…).
  • Lay down on your back, your neck right on the top edge of the books pile. The pile has to be high enough so that your neck truly rests on the edge. You should feel the full weight of your head on your muscles, not on the skull.
  • Completely relax your head. Its weight crunches the back neck muscles.
  • Very slowly, turn your head to the right, and then to the left, and again, during a few minutes. You must feel the edge of the book pressing on your neck muscles.
  • Then stay still for 1 min. Close your eyes. Wait until the pain fades off.
  • Stand up slowly, because as soon as you carry your head back up, blood suddenly flows in.

Feel the difference: your neck feels lighter, and you feel much taller!

Repeat this exercise once a day.
And drink a lot of water afterwards to avoid the aches!

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