5 Acupressure Points To Fight Stress

5 Acupressure Points To Fight Stress [EXPERT]

Meditation is the secret to dealing with stress. Have you tried to meditate and failed? If so, you are not alone. It is not always possible to set 20 minutes aside in our hectic schedule and to actually empty our mind. I can't and I know many people who can't either.

Meditation is the ultimate tool to relieve stress. But if you do not have the free time or the ability, here are five powerful acupressure points to help you calm down and center. These exercises are easy to do, fast and practical. 6 Ways Women Can Reduce Stress

To Lower Anxiety:

Stomach. Place the fingertips of both hands between your belly button and the base of your breastbone. Gradually apply firm pressure in and upward. Lean your upper body forward, to press into the pit of your stomach, and breathe deeply for one minute.

Collarbones. Place your third fingers on the flat end of your collarbones, both sides. Press firmly as you take slow, deep breaths for one minute.

To Deal With Frustration:

Buttocks. Stand up, close your fists, and pound the tip of your buttocks. You can also lie down on your back, knees bent, and place your hands or fists under your buttocks. Swing your knees to the right and to the left. Your knuckles press into the acupressure points located on the buttocks. What Can Help You Cope With Stress

To Calm Your Anger and Irritability:

3rd Eye and Sternum. Gently place your right middle fingertip in between your eyebrows and use the fingertips of your left hand to hold the point in the center of your breastbone. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least one minute. Everything You Need To Know About Stress

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