This Is Why Having The Sex Talk With Your Partner Is So Important

Talking about sex can be difficult.

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Open and easy sex talk is important for intimate relationships to grow.

However, sharing your most intimate experiences with others is not something you regularly do. And, unfortunately, talking about it is often saved for counseling sessions when sex — or a lack, thereof — becomes a problem.

Sharing your sexual experiences, as long as it respects all people involved, is a way of learning from each other.


Keeping your sexual experiences to yourself and well-hidden can lead to unnecessary suffering.

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So, why is sex talk important but difficult for you to feel more open and free about it?

Well, have you ever had questions, concerns, doubts, and even negative ideas about your sexuality because you don't know if what you're experiencing is normal and natural?


There's no need to suffer when it comes to your sexuality — it's your creative lifeforce energy.

How can you shift your attitudes around sexuality to create less suffering and more celebration?

By not talking about sex with your partner, you’ll easily make assumptions.

"I’m doing it wrong."

"There's something wrong with me."

"He thinks I’m fat and that turns him off."

"He’ll never figure out how to pleasure me."

Well, of course he won’t! He’s not a mind reader!

In order to let your partner know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to pleasing you, you have to actually tell them.

It’s unfortunate, but joking about sex, having shame hangovers, and repressing it is the norm and very common.


Do we, as a culture, think about sex as a joke? Something that's shameful and needs to be repressed?


Your sexual energy, how you move around in it, how you share it, and how you focus its energy is a direct reflection of who you are. In addition, your sexual relationship with yourself or with another is also a reflection of who you are.

Sexual energy is powerful.

The majority of us have lost sight of how powerful sexual energy is. It creates a whole new human being! Do we not find ourselves fascinating enough to realize how incredibly amazing this is?

Much can be healed by shifting your attitude about sex. Your self-esteem, your relationship with your body, your interactions with your partner, and your attitudes about the opposite sex will all benefit by changing your attitudes about sex.


Unfortunately, we've been born into a world that has some turned-around sexual attitudes.

When you change your attitude about sex, you’ll find that talking about sex becomes easier.

As a society, we’re still sexually repressed and in the sexual Dark Ages. And it's not just about being sexually open, free, and promiscuous.

It's more awareness around the sacredness of sexuality.

We are still in the process of freeing ourselves from the Puritan influences that made sex something sinful, secretive, and, most of all, disempowering to women.

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Tantric or sacred sexual teachings from reputable teachers can help you undo limiting programming and belief systems regarding sex.

It can also help you establish more reverence for the power you hold as a sexual being and for sexual union.


What words do you use when talking about sex, this most amazing and noble force that will create another human? Are they indicative of such a noble power? defines the "F" word as "to have sexual intercourse." That's the official and primary meaning. But, it also defines its secondary meaning — and noted as a slang term — as "to treat unfairly or harshly."

How did sexual union become associated with being treated unfairly or harshly?


It's time to examine yourself and your partner when it comes to the "sex talk."

How do you talk about sex? Do you talk about sex at all?

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex? Do you have a safe place to discuss such a subject?

Do you feel uncomfortable asking for what you need?

Everyone is a sexual being. What can you do today to honored and celebrate your sexuality? How can you, today, make it a more positive influence in your life?

Let your sexuality be an uplifting expression of your creative life force energy!

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Anna-Thea is an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you want to develop a more sacred attitude about yourself and your sexuality check out her online courses.