4 Health Benefits Of Having More Sex With Your Partner

More sex is great for your health and relationship.

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Being in a relationship, what do you value the most? Is it going on dates? Having good conversations? Maybe having similar hobbies is crucial to you in order to be in a relationship with someone.

Regardless of what you believe is most important, know that a healthy sex life can be incredibly rewarding. Especially when you know all of the health benefits of sex.

While it’s true that sex drives can dramatically vary from person to person, sex can benefit every couple. This isn't to say that everybody needs to be involved in a sexual relationship. Instead, this means that you can achieve a lot with a fulfilling sex life, if you wish.


Here are 4 benefits to having a healthy sex life.

1. Intimacy bonds a couple like no other

Sexual activity can help connect a couple unlike anything else. For most couples, sex is something performed just between the two of them. That said, there is a special component about sex that makes it so emotionally-bonding. Even just the release of hormones such as oxytocin can create a strong bond between a couple making love.

Once a couple further learns how to increase their sexual stamina, they can achieve an even greater bond with one another. And as they become more intimate together, sex becomes less physical and more emotional and selfless.


Generally, there’s a lot one can learn from sex. For one, it doesn't just revolve around your own needs but also your partner's.

2. Sex significantly aids your mental health

When thinking about sex, many believe that it is important merely for pleasure purposes. However, many don’t stop to think how important sex is in a relationship when it comes to mental health.

Having sex doesn't cure mental illness but it does have the power to temporarily relieve it. Sex releases dopamine and endorphins, which play a role in boosting motivation, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. For many, sex can improve self-esteem.

According to research, sex and interest in sex can also be negatively impacted by mental health. For example, individuals with depression may have a low sex drive. As for some individuals with anxiety disorders, they may be tense or even fearful during sexual activity.


3. Healthy levels of sex can help lower risk of cancer and heart problems

Being that sex is physically engaging, a healthy sex life can also benefit one’s physical health. After all, it is a form of exercise. Apart from that, the emotional and mental benefits provided by sex may also be linked with better overall health. This makes sense as all parts of our body and mind are linked with one another.

For example, sex lowers the risk of prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer among men. More frequent ejaculation is believed to help keep the prostate healthy. According to Harvard, eliminating sperm may rid of harmful substances. In fact, men averaging 4.6 to 7 ejaculations a week had a 36-percent lowered risk of prostate cancer.

Potential heart problems and heart attacks can also be reduced with frequent sex. During sex, the heart is heavily pumping, keeping your heart muscle well-exercised.

Additionally, having sex relaxes you and lowers blood pressure. Sex also reduces anxiety and stress, which are linked to cardiovascular problems.


4. Making love can give the immune system a boost

Additionally, sex can also improve one’s immunity. However, we are typically told to pop a vitamin C pill or drink hot tea when we are feeling run down. Yet, it appears that engaging in sexual intercourse can also help us combat frequent sickness throughout the year. Research even confirms the latter.

Specifically, one study found that couples that had sex once or twice a week had greater immunoglobulin A (IGA) levels. IGA is a blood protein crucial for your immune system as it is found within the mucous membranes. This protein lines the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory airways, saliva, and even the tears.

That said, if your antibodies are low and you frequently get sick, more intercourse may be a solution!

While not everyone has a pre-existing sex life, it can be beneficial for those who do.


Sex bonds a couple closer together as it is enjoyable for both involved. Additionally, sex temporarily reduces the intensity of mental health disorders. And last but not least, sex boosts immunity and reduces the risk of cancer and heart problems.

That said, instead of putting your sex life with your partner on the back burner, try reviving it. For many, there can definitely be more pros than cons when it comes to engaging in sex and other activities.

After all, when we put effort into something, that’s typically the only way we will be rewarded.


Aneeca Younus is an expert editor, a mentor, analyst and a researcher. She has worked across the globe with highly qualified health and beauty experts.