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Getting In Touch With Your Heart Chakra & Learning How To Love

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The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. It was divinely designed to help you love.

This is the center of where your joy, warmth, and love extend, so it's a vital center of energy in your body.

Learning how to open your chakras is an important part of your overall emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

But what is the heart chakra, and how does it being in or out of balance affect you?

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The heart chakra is the center for love and compassion.

It’s located, of course, at your heart center or the middle of your chest. The Sanskrit name for the fourth chakra is Anahata. The chakra’s color is green and pink.

Its associated element is air. Air is also relates to the lungs which hold grief, therefore, issues of this chakra include forgiveness.

The heart chakra teaches us how to love ourselves and others in balance.

Though we all want love, we spend most of our time working through the issues of the “lower triangle” before we can fully open our heart chakra.

The lower triangle consists of the first three chakras, and summarizes feeling safe in the world, having healthy attitudes about sex, power, money, and knowing your self-worth.

As you mature spiritually and work through your issues, you can then become more expressive through your fourth chakra — your heart center.

Signs of a struggling heart chakra.

If you're struggling with money, don't feel emotionally safe, and are generally stressed out, it's hard for you to slow down and come from your heart.

Using sex to control another isn’t a heart connection. If you have a low sense of self-worth, then you're not loving yourself, either.

These are all issues of the first three chakras. You need to address them in order to access the full power of your heart.

The heart chakra and the healing power of love and forgiveness. 

The heart chakra is about the healing power of love. It's about having compassion for yourself when faced with all of the lower chakra issues.

When your heart chakra is open, you're able to be gentle and kind with yourself and your relationships.

The fourth chakra is also about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerfully transformational and healing experience.

When you can truly forgive someone who you feel has done you wrong, you’ll feel a tremendous amount of lightness in your heart. Your heart will open.

Might it be yourself that you have to forgive?

A clear mind helps open your heart chakra.

Interestingly enough, a neutral mind creates an open heart. Clearing your mind of fear, judgments, and anxiety-producing thoughts or the like and becoming neutral will help to open your heart.

If you suffer from over-thinking or have a critical nature, it’s hard to also have an open heart.

Of course you can do it, it just takes extra effort to keep your monkey mind at bay and not fall prey to believing everything your mind is telling you.

Trust the intelligence of your heart and not always the intelligence of your mind. Your fourth chakra's "superpower" is compassion, love, and forgiveness.

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Signs your heart chakra is blocked.

When you hold on to the past and refuse to forgive, it's a negative expression of the heart chakra. Holding onto anger or resentment toward another will only shut your heart down.

This is a self-destructive expression of the heart chakra. You hurt yourself and your health with this negative expression.

Imbalanced heart chakra behaviors to be aware of are blind loyalty, co-dependency, guilt, hatred, and revenge.

There are many positive aspects to the heart chakra.

Allowing yourself to be open to another and move through any negative emotions you’re feeling towards them instead of shutting down is a positive expression of the heart chakra.

Understanding that we're all connected is a positive expression of the heart. Being compassionate with yourself when you make mistakes is another positive expression of the heart. Loving inner dialogue is also a positive expression of the heart.

Additional examples of an open heart center are forgiveness, dedication, inspiration, and the ability to heal.

What lessons do you need to learn from your heart chakra?

The fourth chakra is where you learn the divine healing power of love.

Here is a Heart Space Meditation exercise you can use to keep your heart chakra open and flowing with love.

I love doing this exercise. It’s effortless, and you can do it anywhere and anytime. Believe it or not, I love to do it when I am driving.

All you have to do is begin to become aware of your heart space. Put your attention at your heart. Breathe into your heart. Take time to notice the quality of the energy emanating from your heart.

Let your heart space area expand as you bring more awareness into it. This is a wonderful exercise to do when you're in a challenging discussion.

Stop talking and bring all your awareness to your heart space. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective this technique is. The challenge is to remember to do it.

Rose quartz, kunzite, and peridot are good gems to use while doing this exercise to open your chakra. You can also use essential oils to help.

Spend time in self-reflection when working with your heart chakra.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How is your heart chakra expressing itself in your day to day life?
What is love?
Do you love yourself? What does it mean to love yourself?
Do you love others?
Can you forgive those you feel have wronged you?

Remember: Your heart center wants to be open. When you open your heart chakra, you let love in and your relationships, including the one with yourself, will heal.

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Anna-Thea is an author and certified Divine Feminine educator. She educates people on how to claim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to open and balance your chakras, check out her Guided Chakra Meditation for beginners.

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