16 Beautiful Signs A Man Truly, Truly Loves You

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16 Beautiful Signs A Man Truly Loves You

Recently I was driving with a close friend in the car and we were having love talk conversations. Out of heaven, she asked me how do you know that a man truly loves you?

How do you know that this love is true, honest, and coming deep from his heart?

Well, in my case, I felt it from the first moment that my heart and soul feels at home in somebody's heart and soul. I trust my body as GPS & navigation system.

In my body, it's my intuition and gut feeling which shows me the direction. Both gave me the green light from the very first moment when I met my true love.

In situations where I need to make a decision or to find a solution I check in with my GPS body wisdom and wonder: "What does my mind tell me and what does my heart tell me?"

After listening, I follow the answer of my inner voice and the feeling of my heart and gut, as I believe my heart knows my way of truth. As soon as I feel a resistance in my gut feeling, I know there's something I should pay attention on and proof before walking the path further on.

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I think you feel it and know it from the first moment you date somebody. There's such a strong attraction and bonding driven by authentic powerful energy. You can feel this connection and flow of love in your whole body.

A feeling that makes you sure that there is something special, something big between you and him. A feeling that gives you an idea of true love.

Heart beats, warm feelings around your heart, excitement like a little child in a candy store, butterfly in your tummy, a strong attraction, and all of those reactions are happening in a state of true love.

All kind of these feelings shows a strong bond between you and him. But most important is, that those feelings sustain and you both still feel it after the first arc of dating.

My husband and I still have these feelings in our body and we've been a couple for a while. We can't get enough of each other.

I love when we're brave to meet true, honest, and heartfelt love in life. For me, it's the most beautiful experience we can make in life. And I love it, even more, when we open our hearts to receive love and the true love is coming into our life.

When we've arrived at one's heart, and it feels like coming home, it's priceless! I believe it's also about how much you love yourself.

You can be loved so much and love somebody true when you do your inner work, self-reflection, and take care of yourself and love yourself truly from inside out. There it is where true heart to heart connection happens.

For some, it takes longer or several relationships to arrive at this one heart and to experience true love. And for some, it's right away the first man in life. It's as if a child learns to walk.

Children fall down and get up again, fall down and get up before they learn to walk first time in life. Some learn to walk faster and some are slower in the process of learning until they arrive. But they never give up!

With that, if you want to know if a man loves you, watch for these 16 signs:

  1. He gives you a feeling of coming home.
  2. He takes care of you and nurtures you with attention and tenderness.
  3. He takes time to listen to you.
  4. He's committed to you 100 percent and creates rituals and routines with you.
  5. He doesn't run away from conflicts. 
  6. He's open, honest, and transparent to you. 
  7. Your opinion, your feelings, and your dreams in life are meaningful to him.
  8. He treats you respectfully and holds you as creative, resourceful, and whole.
  9. He dances with you through daily life and takes your love fully in.
  10. He is passionate about making love and focuses on you instead of claiming only his space and needs and doing a one man show. 
  11. He always wants the best for you and doesn't harm you.
  12. He supports you in your growing and developing in life and acknowledges you.
  13. He loves you unconditionally.
  14. He's sharing interests, adventures, and hobbies with you and is having diverse conversations.
  15. He laughs, smiles, grieves, and cries with you.
  16. He's crazy about you.

Why is it important to distinguish is true love and dependence on somebody?

True love isn't controlling. It doesn't make you powerless and isn't abusive. It gives space to still do things on your own, gives you space to grow and develop in your life. It nurtures you and fulfills you, it challenges you and supports you.

It makes you smile and laugh. It makes you dance in the rain. It's unconditional. 

I trust one day you'll get this feeling and knowledge of this man who makes your heart and soul feel at home!

Annabelle-C. Breuer-Udo is a Leadership Coach, Relationship Coach, Process Facilitator, Psychotherapist and TriYoga Instructor at Transformation from Inside-Out. Contact her for information about how coaching, process facilitation, and bodywork can transform your life and make your life feel better, make you achieve greater fulfillment in your relationship. 

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