The 6 Worst Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

Breakup Advice: The 6 Worst Reasons To Stay In A Relationship
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If you're using any of these excuses to stay together, it's definitely a sign you should move on.

It can be confusing to sort out your feelings for someone, especially if you've been in a committed relationship with them for a long time. We make up all kinds of crazy reasons to stick together rather than break up, but just because you've been together a long time, that doesn't mean it's healthy for you. There are lots of obvious reasons to break up, but the ones on this list disguise themselves as reasons to stay together.

1. "He hasn't done anything wrong."

Variations: "He's such a good person," or "He's a great boyfriend."

In every other area of life, not doing anything wrong does not earn you an A+. It earns you a passing grade, but a passing grade is not the same as a stellar significant other. Not doing anything wrong does not equate to doing everything right. You deserve someone who is more than a C.

2. "He loves me so much."

Variations: "He cares about our relationship a lot," or "He treats me so well."

Yes, nice people tend to do that. As do respectful people and basically everyone who is interested in girlfriend or boyfriend retention. This phrase leaves out the key component: you. Just because you are loved doesn't mean that you love in return. It's a major flaw when the thing you like best about your relationship is how much your partner likes you. Keep reading...

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