How To Use Positive Affirmations Every Single Day To Change Your Life

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If you're looking to change your life, the key is to change how you're talking about it. And the prescription is a daily dose of positive affirmations.

I don’t know about you, but I change my mind all the time. Maybe I’ll have a pumpkin spice latte today instead of my usual coffee. Or, I think I’ll try a Zumba class today instead of the treadmill.

Trading in your usual coffee for a pumpkin spice latte and trying a Zumba class instead of the treadmill may very well be life-changing, but that’s not exactly going to change your mind for the better.


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Positive affirmations are the antidote to negative self-talk.

Unless you're well-practiced in the art of mindfulness and incredibly self-aware, you're likely unaware of how negative and limiting your daily self-talk actually is.

Our thoughts can be brutal, generating careless whispers that stream from our subconscious into our conscious, literally creating how we experience life. The thing is, these are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed.

Many of us have developed a habit of negative thinking and inner dialogue.

Like any habit, we can kick it — and this is where positive affirmations come in.


You have to replace the bad habit with a good habit. Do it until it sticks. Break one pattern and replace it with a new one.

Our brains are complicated yet simple. They are wired to help us succeed. That's why repetition is important, like saying the ABCs.

The brain will strengthen connections and make it easier and easier so that you can rattle them off without "thinking." It becomes an automatic response, so you use less energy.

Does that mean Zumba will get easier if you go back and try again? Absolutely!

When it comes to affirmations, it’s that simple and that difficult.

You can continue with what's become easy and support the negative connections with your self-talk. Or you can do the work to rewire your brain by using positive language and messaging.


First things first, what are affirmations?

We are constantly affirming what is happening in our lives, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.

Have you ever heard yourself say, "That was awesome!" or "I'm stupid!" about something you said or did?

One way or the other, you just affirmed your belief about the experience. In this sense, an affirmation is stating your belief about something or someone.

An affirmation can also be speaking about something, like a goal, as if it's already accomplished so that you can manifest it into your lives — even if you don't yet believe it. Something like, "I'm so grateful to be interviewed by Oprah about my book."


But, be careful! We often unwittingly affirm things we don't want to manifest by saying things like, "I’ll never meet anyone who's good for me."

What’s so difficult about making positive affirmations?

We make it difficult. We tend to grab onto something for a quick fix and when it doesn’t work instantly, like a good caffeine buzz, we complain!

Let’s face it, maybe practicing positive affirmations seem a bit out of our comfort zone. It makes us a bit more self-conscious and it feels awkward at first.

Good! That’s what we need to be able to create change!

Push through, look in the mirror, take a breath, and here it goes — "I'm such an interesting writer that even Oprah wants to talk to me!"


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So, how can you use positive affirmations to change your life?

It’s basically a reverse process. You're going to speak it before you believe it. I just did, and you can, too.

You're going to consciously choose to speak positively about yourself, your situation, or someone — whether you believe it yet or not. You're going to speak it into being, make it a habit, and follow the daily prescription that works for you.

Be patient as you figure out the right daily dosage. Some need three times before breakfast, twice at lunch, and another three times before bed.

Others need 21 times, repeated every four hours — "I am confident and dedicated."


Using affirmations daily is taking responsibility for your life.

This is the prescription to change your mindset. Only you can do it. And you have everything you need to do it.

All you need is to exercise the power of your personal choice. Every time you consciously state a positive affirmation, you're literally reprogramming your brain to think differently, positively, and deservingly.

You will start becoming more aware of when you're self-sabotaging with negative thinking and speaking, so you can interrupt yourself and change what you're saying and thinking in the moment.

And you will continue to do this as you watch things and people eliminate from your life that weren't serving you well, while attracting others into your life that do.


"I am at peace with my past and in control of my future."

What are the side effects of daily positive affirmations?

Common ones include reduced stress and increased motivation. There's also a high risk of increased happiness, joy, and laughter.

Make sure to check for signs of fewer challenges, goal achievements, mood lifts, and enhanced relationships.


The more consistent you are with choosing positive, motivating, and inspiring thoughts and words, the faster the positive affirmations work to your benefit.

"I am healthy, happy, and whole."

A daily dose of positive affirmations is choosing to be your own advocate and your own best friend.

It may be uncomfortable at first, but as you shed the weight of negativity and experience all the possibilities, rather than the limitations of your life, you will see the changes you wish to see.

And once you see, you may even believe.

"I can change my life and I am worth it."

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Ann Papayoti, CPC, is a life and relationship coach helping people overcome life's challenges and reach their highest potential. For more information on how she can help you, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook at SkyView Coaching.