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About Ann Papayoti

I am a life, relationship and wellness coach for those whose lives have been deeply affected by disappointment, grief and loss. I'm in Texas, but my clients are across the globe. What they all share in common is a deep and profound pain caused by the loss of something they once deeply loved. This could be a relationship, a job, their sense of self or even a dream they had for their future.

When theses dreams ended (or transformed) it left my clients with a wound they feel unable to heal. That's when they reach out to me. I work with them to discover why they are stuck and walk them through the skills to change how they think, feel, and experience life. 

Grief, whether it's from a loss, death, divorce, or other change, is often very difficult to get past without help. I offer this kind of support to my clients in various ways. From my book, The Gift Of Shift, to coaching and courses, clients reach out to me when they are ready to transform their relationship with grief into something that ultimately uplifts their lives.

My credentials to do this work stem from my more than 20 years as a personal development writer and facilitator, as well as my own life experiences of loss, transition, and triumph. My personal experiences of betrayal and abuse in a relationship, divorce, and the death of my son, have led me to do this work and continue to lead me to expand my training and career.

I hold a B.A. Journalism/Communications, Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  I partner with individuals and organizations as a coach, mentor, educator and consultant, challenging and motivating them to ensure they are untangled from their past and on the path from surviving to thriving. 

My writing is published here on YourTango, as well as on my own website https://skyviewcoaching.com where you will also find my programs and coaching services. 

Contact me if you need support healing from a loss in your life. I'm happy to spend some time with you exploring how I can help you with your own gift of shift.


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