3 Things You Can Do To Get Kim Kardashian Off Your News Feed

Kim is everywhere, but we are the ones feeding her popularity. Find out why.


Oh, Kim Kardashian ... she's beautiful, stinkin' rich, men love her, and lots of women want to be her. She never appears to be doing anything to warrant all of the attention. Seriously, put it into perspective—her twitter followers alone add up to over 25 million people; that's more people than the population of friggin' Australia (which is somewhere around 23 million)!

So many folks are completely up in arms about Kim dominating their news feeds. But, you know we asked for this, right? Let this be a karmic lesson of sorts. What you put out is what you get back. Thanks to fancy algorithms orchestrating how you navigate the internet, the more you comment on how much you hate her, take a look at her latest "greasy ass" photo, or click on anything Kardashian related (good or bad), the more you feed the machine that spits out KK centric media back into your face.


Every single click you make matters, and trust me, your clicks are not private. Check out the TED Talk where Sally Kohn breaks down the phenomenon here. So, if you want Kimmy to disappear from your environment, do this:

  1. Every time you see Kim, do not take the bait. Do not click, comment or take action in any way. Oh, I know it's tempting. She's a walking, talking, punchline. Plus, she wears really cute outfits that I always want to get a closer peek at. OMG and baby North (see, it's already happening to me now! The force is so strong)! You have to remember that you hold the power in your hands to change the world around you. Do. Not. Engage.
  2. Self-evaluate. Why the hell do you hate this woman so much? I mean, people loathe her as much as they hate Bin Laden. When you think about it, what's that all about? You don't have to love the lady, but let's get it together here. I'm sorry, but I have to say it: sometimes we target something to channel all of our negative energy as a way to avoid dealing with a real issue. Hey, I'm a life coach, so I have to ask: what Kim has ever done to you? She quite literally doesn't do anything. It is our fault she's even famous.
  3. Enjoy life. When you're having fun, following your passions, and feeling confident and sexy, you simply don't give a crap about the Kardashians. You're living life, so there's not much room for judging. Just remember that at any point you can take back your power. You can either get sucked into the never-ending, downward spiraling, Kim Kardashian circus, or you can create and/or enjoy the bountiful alternative that is right there within reach.

Aisha Amore is a coach and creator of Sexy Beast Project. Contact her for information about how to feel sexy, confident and powerful. You are welcome to sign up for free daily affirmations of sexiness here, because what woman wouldn't want fun, motivational blurbs of goodness reminding her everyday?