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About Aisha Amore

"I like to refer to myself as an ‘inner beast’ coach.  I believe that every woman has an inspired, powerful, confident, vibrant, sexy beast inside.  I help ladies from all over the world unleash their beast in a way that feels authentic to them."

As a successful entrepreneur, coach and creator of Sexy Beast Project: How To Feel Like The Sexy Beast You Know You Are! , Aisha teaches how to light up every room you enter...command the attention you deserve, nail your next interview, presentation or performance, make great new friends with zero effort, get your man looking at you the way he used to (you know that look!), attract all the right kinds of men, become more motivated and productive, enjoy life... enjoy being a woman and best of all...live your dreams.

With her background in TV production and performing, Aisha excercises a unique, entertaining approach to getting her clients to unleash.  She practically became a coach by accident after her own life fell to pieces but was determined to comeback even bigger and better.  Now she uses her stellar people skills to show others how to do the same.  Aisha has a way of helping women dig deep to squash those insecurities and amplify their assets while focusing on pure fun. 

Aisha’s website, SexyBeastProject.com offers Sexy Boosts for the Sexy Beast: fun, daily reminders of how amazing and sexy you are straight to your inbox, great resources to help women find their inner beast, and ways to work with Aisha directly.

Aisha lives in Florida, has a chicken-nugget obsessed toddler, and never passes up a chance to dance, laugh at a silly joke or hop on a cruise ship.

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