FINALLY! The Secret To Finding The One Online, Bar None [VIDEO]


How you can score that first (and second) date!

If you've constantly put yourself out there and nothing seems to be working, it makes perfect sense that you're feeling pretty frustrated. You've tried going on blind dates with no success and after a lot of back and forth, you finally gave in and decided to test out online dating. But even with your winning personality and killer smile, the messages aren't flooding in. Let's be honest. If you want to score that first date, you're going to have to go a bit deeper than saying that you're just as comfortable in a pair of sweats as you are in a tuxedo, Mr. Gatsby. Well, this dating advice for men will definitely help you score that first (and second) date.

Dating Expert Justin Kelly McClure mentions that when it comes to finding the perfect match, it's all about how you present yourself on your profile. First off, stop being so cliché. Who really cares if you love your job? That's a responsibility; you just have to do it. Also, level with us here; if the words "my friends made me do it" are anywhere on your profile, you're lying. They didn't make you do anything; this just screams that you're embarrassed for joining when you shouldn't be. Instead of coming off as insecure, why not try just being honest with yourself? Learn to love yourself first and that'll translate online.